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151 Things to Do While You're at American University

Going to school at American University means a lot more than just breaking out the books and hoping that you do well in class.  Being in the nation's capital, you have a ton of culture and exciting educational opportunities available to you beyond the classroom.  Check out the list of the 151 things to do while you're here at AU and make the most out of your time on-campus and in Washington, DC!

1. Challenge yourself academically, physically, emotionally and test your limits through classes, involvement, and more!

2. Get a working alarm clock (your professors will appreciate that!)

3. Learn the words to the AU Fight Song

4. Read Today@AU to find out what's happening on campus

5. Create your own Web site...or if you're not that skilled, your own facebook page

6. Take the Metro back to campus after midnight on weekends

7. Support local businesses at the Farmer's Market in Dupont Circle

8. Attend a free performance on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center

9. Make friends with anyone and everyone – who knows what you can learn from them!

10. Paddle-boat around the Tidal Basin

11. See a baseball game at Nationals Park

12. Hear the sounds of the National Symphony Orchestra

13. Reflect in the Kay Spiritual Life Center

14. Participate in the Martin Luther King Day of Service

15. Get locked out of your room

16. Go Green!  Recycle this list!

17. Study abroad

18. Go ice skating downtown at the Sculpture Garden

19. Visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

20. Stay for the summer and be an Orientation Leader!

21. …Or be a Resident Assistant (RA) for the entire year!

22. Visit Meridian Hill Park to see the tribute to Malcolm X

23. Check your DARS report over and over again

24. Hear a speech by the President or another world leader

25. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Fall in love again...

26. Win a championship with your intramural team (or come close)

27. Get ice cream at Thomas Sweet in Georgetown

28. Attend the Founder's Day Ball in February

29. Sit on Einstein's lap

20. Get National Security clearance

31. Win a t-shirt at an AU basketball game

32. Volunteer for a SUB concert if you want to be a "band groupie"

33. Take any of the WMATA 30 buses to Georgetown

34. Get an internship and stay in DC for the summer

35. Check your AU email account at least five times a day

36. Have a Chipotle Burrito as your only meal for the day

37. Explore Kinko's late at night to finish that project before the morning

38. Add Eagle bucks to your card today and run out tomorrow

39. Ride a bike along the C&O Canal

40. Join a living and learning community in the residence halls

41. Stand on the right, pass on the left.  You'll know what I'm talking about…

42. Visit any of the Smithsonian museums… they're free!

43. Hold the door open for someone during CIVITAS Week (and the week after…)

44. Move out of the way of a Presidential Motorcade

45, Borrow a lap-top from the library

46. Lose your AU ID card. Get a new one. Find your old one...

47. Find out your neighbor's true identity at the Spy Museum

48. See a KPU Speaker in Bender Arena

49. Ride the Carousel on the National Mall

50. Eat a hot dog at Ben's Chili Bowl!

51. Try cuisine from around the world in Adams Morgan

52. Find something you might have lost on campus at Public Safety

53. Attend an Eagle Nights event in the Tavern

54. Hop on a cheap bus from DC to New York City for a weekend

55. Run into your friends on the weekends at the local Steak and Egg in Tenley

56. Challenge a friend to a game of ping-pong at the GARC

57. Take a stroll through Rock Creek Park with your friends

58. See the city on a segway

59. Hike through Theodore Roosevelt Island on a nice day

60. Alleviate some of your stress! Attend  a workshop at the  Counseling Center

61. Go birthday shopping at Mazza Gallerie

62. Get a Federal Work Study job on campus

63. Take a picture from the top of the Washington Monument

64. Use the DC schools consortium to find a book for class

65. Find your way back to campus after being lost in DC and along the way find something interesting to tell people about

66. Visit Arlington Cemetery and watch the Changing of the Guards

67. Be an extra on the numerous TV shows and movies that film in the DC area

68. Call your parents – they're thinking about you…

69. Laugh at the DC Improv

70. Take a class at the Jacobs Fitness Center

71. Have dinner at the Professor-in-Residence's on-campus apartment

72. Go on spring break with your friends

73. Find information about campus events and the DC community at the University Center Information Desk

74. Rub the Eagle outside the Library for good luck before an exam

75. Get the lead in a play at the Greenberg Theater

76. Get your picture taken for the Talon

77. See a concert at the 9:30 Club or a musical at the Warner Theatre

78. Run for Student Government President

79. Visit Old Town Alexandria

80. Find your passions and try new things out

81. Have brunch at the waterfront in Georgetown

82. Log on to to access everything about AU

83. Experience a SUB Cinema movie

84. Study on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

85. Make your own smores while relaxing in a comfy chair at Cosi

86. Watch airplanes fly in to Reagan National Airport at Gravelly Point

87. Visit the "Exorcist" steps in Georgetown

88. Watch your hometown team at the ESPN Zone

89. Pull an all-nighter

90. Get a Chef Geoff's burger

91. Finish a crossword or sudoku puzzle in between classes

92. Put on your heels for the Dupont Circle drag race every October

93. Play tennis on the hard courts or volleyball on the sand courts

94. Observe the Supreme Court in session

95. Grab taster samples from different restaurants at the Taste of DC

96. See an art exhibit at the Katzen Arts Center

97. Go on an alternative break

98. Work on a political campaign

99. Grab a cup of coffee from the Davenport Lounge and chat on the Quad

100. Gaze at the fireworks at the National Mall on the 4th of July

101. See a Wizards or Capitals game at the Verizon Center in Chinatown

102. Join the AU team and participate in the DC AIDS Walk

103. Trick-or-treat down Embassy Row

104. Have lunch with your Senator and/or Representative

105. Say "Hello!" to President Kerwin

106. Study at the "beach" while getting some sun!

107. Read the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives

108. Create your own omelet at the Terrace Dining Room

109. See the beauty of the Japanese Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom

110. Give campus tours as an AU Ambassador

111. Browse through antiques and art at Eastern Market

112. See the best views of the city from the Netherlands Carillon in Arlington, VA

113. Listen to book readings from the authors themselves at Politics and Prose

114. Tour the monuments at midnight with a date

115. Legally download music from on-campus authorized sites

116. Stand on the sidelines at the Inaugural Parade

117. Grab that late night eat at Tastee Diner in Bethesda

118. Join a student organization…or start your own!

119. Do research for your thesis at the Library of Congress

120. Pay tribute to our country's war heroes on Veteran's Day

121. Be organized!  Pay your bills on time!

122. Do more than just read at Kramer Books and Afterwards in Dupont Circle

123. Help keep our campus beautiful by participating in Campus Beautification Day

124. Watch the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and Menorah after waiting in line overnight to get tickets

125. Cheer on your favorite sports team as a member of the AU Blue Crew

126. Tell the fam to come visit during Family Weekend

127. Dance with dragons at the Lunar New Year Parade

128. Go to a DC United game at RFK stadium

129. Ride the MARC train from Union Station to Baltimore for some crab cakes

130. Run in the American 5K Classic

131. Listen to live jazz at Bohemian Caverns in the U Street – Cardozo area of DC

132. Remember to vote in the National election

133. See a movie at DC's largest and oldest movie theatre: the Uptown

134. People watch anywhere in the city

135. Go Greek!  Join a social, service, or honorary fraternity or sorority

136. Give Clawed a hug (the school mascot)

137. Set your career in motion by visiting the Career Center for resume advice

138. Enjoy the tunes of any of the AU a cappella groups

139. Read over your roommate agreement again

140. Volunteer to feed the baby animals at the National Zoo

141. Take a picture for a group of tourists at the monuments

142. Read the Police Blotter in The Eagle

143. See the history of the news at the Newseum

144. Be moved by the Hall of Remembrance at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

145. Have a radio show on WVAU or a TV show on ATV… or both!

146. Build a snowman on the Quad after a snowstorm

147. Press the "Push to Listen" button at the gates of the White House

148. Cram for exams in the 24 hour library during Finals Week

149. Buy your books for full price at the beginning of the year and sell it back for 1/2  price at the Campus Store (as long as that edition is still being used)

150. Donate to your Senior Class Gift fund