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Policies and Procedures

American University has policies and procedures to help create a respectful and civil environment on campus. General AU Policies and Procedures are used when creating policy and procedure for the University Center and can also be found in your annual AU Student Handbook. General Advertising, University Center Space Usage and other Guidelines can help you have a positive experience at the Center and provide you with a frame work for successful programming.

All facility events and patrons are subject to District of Columbia laws, rules and regulations of American University and policies of the University Center. The University Center maintains the right to cancel, without advance notice, any event not in compliance with these regulations. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the facilities and services to ensure that the event and patrons are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Questions concerning applicable policies may be directed to the University Center Main Office. The University Center reserves the right to make judgments concerning facility usage that are in the best interest of the University Center and American University.

  • For your safety, security, and convenience the University Center Building Managers conduct periodic rounds throughout the facilities. Building Managers must be able to enter all spaces at any given time. Therefore, doors to an event space must remain unlocked and free of obstruction while the event is in progress.
  • The University Center professional staff and/or Building Manager should be notified in the event of an emergency and/or made aware of emergency situations that arise.
  • All persons using the University Center facilities are to act responsibly. Individuals that display disruptive, dangerous or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave. All groups using the University Center should become familiar with fire codes and safety policies when planning an event.

General Event Scheduling Procedures  

  • UES requests a minimum of one week's notice for any event cancellations. Canceling a reserved space at least a week in advance will allow for UES staff to better meet the growing number of requests for meeting space. No-show emails are sent in the event that UES is not notified of an event cancellation.
  • Not all space set-up configurations are suitable for all spaces. University Event Scheduling reserves the right to relocate your preferred request according to space availability and/or appropriateness. Some fees may apply based on space, services, or equipment associated with the event.
      Expectations for space use:    
  • The space will be used for purpose expressed in the original request.
  • Do not remove any equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, a/v equipment, etc.) from the room you have reserved or any other rooms.
  • "Trading spaces" with other groups or departments is not permitted.
  • The space will be left in an orderly condition.
  • Damages, carpet stains, and broken equipment must be reported promptly by the host.
  • Prohibited: Candles or any other open flame source (i.e. sterno's, votives, etc.), glitter or any mylar product, taping or push-pin banners/posters/signs on any painted or fabric walls (please make arrangements for appropriate display equipment.)

Event Photography Disclaimer - Please post the following text in a highly visible location at any event in which there will be photography (University, professional, or amateur) taken:
“Please be advised that photographs will be taken at the event for use on the AU website and in the press, AU marketing materials, and all other university publications. By entering this event, you consent to the University photographing and using your image and likeness.”