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University Center Building Policies and Guidelines


This policy on space use at American University refers to instructional space and event space as defined in the American University Event Scheduling Policy. It refers to the responsibilities of the host organization or department scheduled in university space for instructional or co-curricular purposes.

Recognized student organizations and university departments, in their capacities as host for both internal and external activities at AU, are bound by these general use policies, regardless of the campus venue used. Additional policies may apply on a venue-by-venue basis.

Regarding a confirmed request:

o  Classes and events should conform to the start and ending times indicated in the space confirmation.

o  Space should be used for the purpose expressed in the original request. Confirmed space may not be sub-assigned to or traded with other groups or departments without expressed permission from the appropriate scheduling office. A confirmation which may go unused should be canceled immediately by the host through the office assigned to scheduling that space.

o  Hosts should have a copy of their confirmation on-site. This confirmation serves as proof of reservation for the use of space for the purposes intended. 

Regarding on-site use for classes or events:

1.   Reserved spaces may not be altered, repaired, defaced, or modified in any permanent way by scheduled groups.

2.   The host should report all found or incurred damage in the reserved room to the appropriate scheduling office.

3.   Room equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, a/v, etc.) may be re-arranged by the host but not removed from the space without expressed consent of the appropriate scheduling office. Equipment from adjacent or other rooms may not be added to the reserved room without permission. At the end of the class or event, the host is responsible for restoring the space to the original set-up. 

4.   The host is responsible for ensuring posted room capacities are not exceeded and that other relevant university policies (e.g. Food Policy, Smoking Policy are enforced on-site.