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    Mary Graydon, Room 274

    Elmore, Michael
    Senior Director, University Center & Student Activities

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Welcome to the University Center!

The University Center, located at the center of campus on the Quad, serves as a central hub for campus activity. The Center houses social and recreational facilities, selected auxiliary services, student organization, a cyber cafe, dining and meeting facilities, and a number of Campus Life offices. The University Center employs over twenty five student managers, information staff, and technical support staff towards a goal of meeting the co-curricular needs and interests of the campus community.

As a 24-hour facility, the Center facilitates an environment where the campus community can relax, mingle, study and be entertained or challenged. We strive to support and enhance the student experience and we are always interested in new ideas for program and service enhancement. Let us hear your voice and help us continue to grow enduring traditions here at AU.

Michael Elmore
Senior Director, University Center

110 Meeting and Event spaces

are booked by schedulers in University Event Scheduling and across campus.  That's including instructional and outdoor spaces too!

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