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General Regulations on Posting Materials

 The following guidelines should be followed by those wishing to post items on campus:
1. All registered student organizations must have all items approved by Student Activities prior to being mass produced.
2. All sororities and fraternities must have all items approved by the Coordinator of Greek Life.
3. All residence hall groups must have all times approved by the designated staff member(s) of Housing and Dining Programs.
4. All items are to be posted only on bulletin boards. Materials posted elsewhere shall be removed. No materials may be posted on trees; the exterior of buildings; on painted, wallpapered or glass surfaces; on car windshields; or on bulletin boards administered by a university department without permission from the department.
5. All posted material must specify in English the date, time, and location of the event as well the name of the AU sponsor (if applicable).
6. Posted material should not cover any publicity posted for other events. However, outdated information may be removed to make space for current information.
7. Posted materials are to be affixed with tacks or staples.
8. Posted materials may not advertise alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything else that would be a violation of university policies, either through language or artwork.
9. The department or organization is responsible for taking down all posted materials upon completion of its event.
10. There is a separate policy for posting in the residence halls. Inquiries about posting in the residence halls should be directed to Housing and Dining Programs, Anderson Hall, at x3370.
11. Inquiries about all other campus bulletin boards and special posting arrangements should be directed to Student Activities, Mary Graydon Center 271, at x3390, or the University Center, Mary Graydon Center 274, at x3900.
12. Student organizations found in violation of these policies may be referred to Judicial Affairs and Mediation Services.

Important Note:
All bulletin boards in the Mary Graydon Center are cleared of all materials on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.