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Student Staff STAR Program

Success Through Accountability and Responsibility


Student Staff STAR Program - Success Through Accountability and Responsibility

The STAR Program provides an opportunity for students to grow both professionally and personally as staff members.  As much as we would like to measure our success through client feedback of our services, we also measure success by ensuring that our student staff are gaining the necessary leadership skills to be able to find other jobs or internships that could be more in-line with their future careers. Aligning with the University's CIVITAS initiative, we hope that we are able to harvest responsible citizens through our STAR program.  All University Center student staff members are required to attend monthly training sessions on a variety of topics that can assist in developing interpersonal skills together.

A sample monthly training schedule would be as follows:
September – General Employee Rules and Regulations
October – Customer Service
November – Emergency Procedures
December – Communication / Winter Study Break
January – Recap of Fall semester programs
February – Diversity Awareness
March – Resume Workshop
April – Time Management
May – End-of-the-Year Staff Appreciation event

Student staff can also have the opportunity to make greater contributions to the university community through involvement in University Center initiatives such as the University Center Project Team and the Late Night Programming Committee – as well as involvement in the student programming body, the Student Union Board.

All staff that successfully complete the program each year will be recognized at the End of the Year Staff Appreciation event and will receive high recommendations for future employment opportunities.