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Table Tent Display Guidelines

UC Table Tent

Table tents (shown in middle) allows for up to three groups to advertise in one given week. [Photo by the Talon Yearbook.]

The University Center provides table tent displays for student organization and department use within the Mary Graydon Center food venues. 

Display Information
All table tent submissions should publicize a University service or an on-campus event open to the entire AU community All information must follow the AU General Regulations on Posting Materials. Only table tent information that is approved by the University Center can be on display during specified times. 

Reservation Period
In order to allow three groups to advertise in a given week, 100 copies of approved submissions must be received by 5 pm on the Thursday prior to your scheduled week. Materials will be folded by the University Center staff. The displays will be updated weekly every Monday and will be displayed through the following Sunday. Student organizations must have advisor approval prior to posting. Table tents are reserved through the submission of a completed Advertising Display Request.

Table Tent Locations and Quantities

Location           Number
Terrace Dining Room    90
The Tavern                 46
The Marketplace         14

The information will be dispersed among 150 tables in the Tavern, Marketplace, and Terrace Dining Room, at the discretion of the University Center staff. The table tents are six-sided with each side measuring 4" wide x 9" tall (approximately one-third of an 8.5"x11" sheet).