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Battelle Classrooms

UC Battelle Classroom


Room Type: Small Meeting Space
Room Dimensions: 19’9” x 18’9”
Ceiling Height: 8’0”
Sq. Footage: 341
Room Capacity: 20
Floor Type: Carpet
Windows: Along west wall (view into Batelle Atrium)
Ethernet Access: Wireless(Available with AU Network ID)
                             Wired (Yes, when ordered through Telecommunications)
Phone Access: Yes (When ordered through Telecommunications)
Whiteboard w/ Markers: Yes.

Available sets and capacities:
Theatre – N/A
Classroom – 20
Hollow Square – N/A
U-Shaped – N/A
Banquet Style – N/A
Banquet Style w/ Buffet –N/A
Reception – N/A
Circle of Chairs – N/A

Other amenities:
·        Single entrance
·        Four available outlets
·        Built in LCD, in-room screen

ADA Access: Yes

Intended for: Small classroom space

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