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Governing Organizations

Student Activities recognizes and advises over 222 different student clubs and organizations. There are two main student government bodies on AU’s campus, the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate Leadership Council.

There are 6 recognized student media outlets on campus. 5 are recognized under the Student Media Board and the Eagle (student newspaper) has its own governance structure, the Eagle Board of Directors.  

Student Activities recognizes all other student organizations at the start of each semester.The American University Club Council is the governance structure for all Student Activities recognized clubs.

For a complete list of all our student organizations, login to access the S.O.N. Network.

American University Club Council

The American University Club Council (AUCC) is the governing body for all recognized clubs and associations that is run independent of the Student Government and Graduate Leadership Council. AUCC’s purpose is to allocate funds in a fair and efficient manner to all student clubs and associations through an extensive budget process. Aside from funding, the AUCC is also responsible for mediating issues and concerns between clubs on campus. For more information regarding the AUCC contact the chair at (202)885-6453 or email

AUCC Website

Graduate Leadership Council

The Graduate Leadership Council represents the interests of graduate students at American University. Its primary goal is to ensure continuous improvement in all aspects of graduate student life on campus.

All graduate students of American University who are required to pay a graduate student fee are represented by their school councils and presidents, which in turn form the GLC.For more information contact the GLC at (202) 885-2472 or visit them online at


Graduate Leadership Council Website

Student Government

The undergraduate Student Government (SG) represents the interests of undergraduate students at American University. Its objectives are met by sponsoring departments and organizations that meet the diversified needs of the undergraduate student body. The SG stands as the elected representation of all undergraduate students, working with the administration, faculty and community to make the undergraduate voice heard. For more information contact the SG at (202) 885-6400.


Student Government Website

Student Media Organizations

American University currently has six recognized media organizations that are governed by the Media Board. The Media Board oversees all AU’s student-funded media groups except for The Eagle. The Media Board organizes the allocation of student funds to media groups and mediates disputes. Current organizations include:

The Eagle (newspaper), Talon (yearbook), ATV (television), WVAU (radio), American Literary (literary magazine), Clocks and Clouds (online research journal) and AmWord(magazine).

Student Media Organization Website