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Welcome to Operations

Mary Graydon Center & Butler Pavilion

Here in ops, we not only manage the setup and takedown of daily activities and events, we also throw rad events for all of your programming needs! Our building manager staff is trained to assist you with your facilities needs during your visit to our campus' center. Working closely with events scheduling is our specialty, and allows for a close-knit community of events processes. Come say hello at the Info Desk on the first floor of Mary Graydon Center, we are here to assist you!

Meet the Building Staff

Student staff are the heart and soul of the building, come celebrate their hard work.

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University Center Footprint

Click to learn more about the buildings and spaces we manage.

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Event Checklist

Want to schedule a meeting? Concert? Fundraiser? Follow our checklist to make sure you have everything needed to make your event a success!

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Contact Darcy

Darcy Frailey

Have a question about the University Center footprint? Call Darcy at (202) 885-3948 or come by MGC 271 for assistance!