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Faculty, Staff & Alumni Advisor Roles









Faculty & Staff Advisors provide:

Experience and History. When students are looking at their organization it is important to know past history and have the experience of an advisor that understands the mission and purpose of your organization. In their selection of a Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisor, we encourage students to find someone with advanced knowledge of the direction in which they would like to take their organization.

Community Connections. Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisors often have connections on campus or in the community that can assist the students in achieving their goals for the organization.

Support & Advice. Whether it’s an internal quarrel among organization members or a rivalry with another student organization, student leaders will often come to their Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisor first. Their advisor can act as a resource, moderator or point students in the right direction if something is outside the scope of the advisor’s role.


University Center & Student Activities Advisors provide:

Leadership Development. Student Activities offers a variety of educational opportunities throughout the year for students with leadership positions and those striving to gain experience.

Logistical Expertise. University Center and Student Activities staff will help students secure space on campus for meetings, programs and events. We will also help with any support services that they may need. Staff also help with general event planning as well as the process for reserving space.

Financial Management Assistance. Managing the finances of any size organization can be difficult as revenue does not always match expenses. For those organizations with accounts on campus, Student Activities can facilitate any transaction with the funds directly from the organization’s account.

Campus Connections. Helping more than 240 student organizations remain true to their mission and purpose while planning events on campus has helped foster relationships with almost every office and department on campus. We work closely with certain individuals in these offices and help our students to facilitate relationships with them as well.


Together Student Activities Advisors & Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Advisors provide:

Advocacy. All of our students have passions, wants and needs for which they sometimes cannot find the proper outlet. Both Student Activities and Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisors can help advocate for the things our students are most passionate about.

Mediation. When conflicts arise in an organization, either the Student Activities Advisor or the Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisor will be involved. Together, the two can help the organization to work out their disputes and help to alleviate tensions.

Communication. Open communication between Student Activities, Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisors and student leaders should be the first priority of all three parties. When questions go unanswered or there is a perceived lack of support, Student Activities and the Faculty/Staff/Alumni Advisor can help to address issues before they become serious problems.