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President Obama's face on the cover of the The Eagle

American University currently has seven recognized media organizations. All of the media groups, except for The Eagle, are governed by the Media Board. The media board is an independent organization, funded by students, and designed to execute or oversee the following responsibilities:

  • To allocate funds and oversee any financial matter under the jurisdiction or the media board.

  • To mediate and resolve grievances against one or more members of the media board.

  • To serve as a liaison to the University community.

  • To ensure the financial and managerial efficiency of the media at American University.

  • To promote and protect the existence and activities of student media at American University.


Visit the AU Student Media website

American Literary Magazine

American Literary's purpose is to provide students with a forum for creative expression that publicizes their work and to promote the arts community on campus. 

To achieve this, AmLit produces a semi-annual journal, which features creative works by students and/or alumni of American University.

AmLit Website


ATV is AU’s student-run television station. The station is dedicated to bringing quality entertainment and new programming to the AU campus. ATV is run completely by students. Students control everything that makes it on air. Programs on ATV air 24 hours a day on Channel 2 to ensure you never miss your favorite shows.

ATV Website

American Word Magazine

The purpose of this organization is to create a news publication magazine that will foster a greater common understanding in the American University community and that will provide staff and members with a valuable learning experience in both print and online.

AmWord Website

American Way of Life Magazine

AWOL is a progressive student-run magazine founded in the spring of 2008 with support from Campus Progress. AWOL is now a recognized publication of American University. We publish a magazine once a semester.

We exist to ignite political and cultural discussions on campus, and serve as an outpost for students to explore assorted reportage: from editorial columns to long-form expositions, and even experimental cross-genre projects -- all of which add valuable reporting, commentary, and analysis to campus conversations. 

AWOL is not affiliated with any political party or ideology.

We serve as a sort of campus version of The Nation or The Atlantic.

AWOL Website

The Eagle Student Newspaper

The Eagle is the official recognized student newspaper editorially independent of the University, in terms of : content and nature; finances and staff elections and appointments.  

The Eagle's purpose is to inform and to educate the American University community maintaining a consistent, relevant, quality flow of news about the University and the surrounding community, as well as other news of interest.

The Eagle Online

The Talon Yearbook

The Talon is an undergraduate student run publication.  The Talon is a book that recounts the history of a specific year.  Since the printing of the first issue in 1927, the staff of The Talon has worked to include in its pages every aspect of the American University campus as well as of our nation and our world.

Contact the Talon

WVAU Student Radio

WVAU is Library of Congress registered internet broadcast station. It is licensed to stream through 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as a non-commercial public service to the American University campus and student body, as well as the general listening populace. Funding is derived wholly from student fees. WVAU continues the almost 60 year old tradition of student radio at American University begun in 1947 by WAMC and continued by WAMU.

WVAU's Website

Eagle Droppings

Eagle Droppings is American University's official comedy/ satire media organization. As American's newest media organization, ED, borrows inspiration from professional satire organizations. Our goal? To make you laugh!  We're always looking for interested students to get involved and have a blast!  No experience necessary.  At Eagle Droppings, "We crap on everything!

Eagle Droppings Website