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Support From Advisors











There are many ways for faculty, staff and alumni advisors  to support our students:

COMMUNICATION with the students involved in the organization is important but being aware of who the organization’s Student Activities Advisor is just as important.

GUIDE in decision-making but leave the final decisions to be made to the student leadership. In order to facilitate student learning and development, we encourage the leadership of the club to set the vision and goals for the organization and to make the pertinent decisions that affect the organization.

ENCOURAGE students to think big but not so big that projects or undertakings become unmanageable. Often times, organizations have grand ideas for programming. Please be aware of the organization’s limitations in time, budget, manpower, and commitment, as well as your own commitment and how much you are willing to be involved. It is also helpful to have a basic understanding of how organizations are funded (especially clubs).

FACILITATE fiscal responsibility. With the exception of Greek organizations, student organizations are funded by the Student Activity Fee which is paid by all graduate and undergraduate students. The allocation of funding is facilitated entirely by students through a variety of means (clubs have the opportunity to apply for funding from the AU Club Council (AUCC) at the beginning of each semester). Regardless of where funding for the organization comes from and in line with guiding in the decision-making process, you can help to facilitate fiscal responsibility. It is ultimately up to the organization to decide how money will be spent, but you will help to ensure that the decisions they make will benefit the entire organization.