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FourWinds Digital Signage Step-by-Step Guide

Interested in having a digital sign in your area? Here's what you need to know.

1. Select Your Equipment

  • The basic hardware you need to be part of the FourWinds system is a TV monitor (either static or interactive) and a PC player (a small computer that sits behind you monitor). The PC player is what allows your TV to connect with the FourWinds system. See these general specifications for your hardware as outlined by FourWinds and review the hardware considerations below.
  • In addition, you will need to select the proper mount to hold the TV monitor and PC player. Will it be stationary or moveable? Will there be a box for the PC player?

Steps 1-4 can happen simultaneously. The Buyer in AU Purchasing (see #4) can help with selecting hardware products once you have determined your needs. General questions can go to Office of Campus Life at

2. Determine Your Software Needs 

The hardware you purchase will depend on how you will be using your FourWinds monitors. Will you just be displaying content or will you have interactive touchscreens with things like “wayfinding” mapping or a directory? AU pays for the basic software, but anything beyond the static rotation will be an additional cost to your unit. You may contact OCL (Lisa Boms, for general information and help getting connected with a FourWinds sales rep about additional features.

3. Select Your Placement

  • Location: Is the wall you are looking at to install your TV monitor and player secure enough to hold this equipment? Will the wall support the mount and TV, and is there a place to secure the PC player? The player must be within 12 feet of the monitor and should be easily accessible.
  • Hookups: At the site where you want your monitor, you will need a dataport, electrical connection and cable connection (if you want to run cable TV).

4. Purchase Your Hardware 

Each individual unit is responsible for purchasing its hardware and paying for installation and any data port or connections that need to be created to accommodate the FourWinds setup. Contact AU Buyer (Tara Stratford, to get a quote for your equipment (TV monitor, PC player, mounts, installation with Metro AV). Once the quote is given and agreed upon, it is up to the individual departments to work with the vendor(s), and purchase their equipment.

5. Coordinate the Installation 

You are responsible for working with Metro AV to schedule an appointment for installation, which includes installing the mount, mounting the TV, and connecting the TV hookups. Metro AV will not be setting up the PC player, but they will need to leave a space for the player and a way for you to access it.

6. Prepare PC Player 

When you receive your PC player, contact OCL (Cole Wrampelmeier, to begin the configuration, which includes “imaging” your player and sending the MAC address to OIT, who will confirm the data connect and provide an IP address for the port that is within the FourWinds subnet.

7. Connect PC Player 

OCL will work with a representative in your unit to connect the player (using the IP address OIT has provided you).

8. Learn How to Manage Your Content 

OCL will install the content manager software on the user’s computer and conduct training with the content person in your unit.

Hardware Considerations:

1. How big do you want your TV monitor to be?

  • 40” – examples: MGC Lobby, TDR, Batelle, etc.
  • 46” – examples: SIS and Katzen interactive monitors
  • 52” – examples: Residence Hall monitors behind the front desks

2. How will you use you FourWinds digital signage?

  • Do you want a static rotation of information, or will you be adding touchscreen features? This will help you decide if you need a regular static screen or an interactive touchscreen TV.
  • If you want a TV monitor to play cable TV or just to hook up to a local computer, that would not be considered a FourWinds project. FourWinds is only when you are using the campuswide content management software.