The Greek Experience

Fraternities and sororities are values based organizations. The AU experience is based on four core principles of service, friendship, Academic Excellence, and Leadership. Our organizations are founded to aid in the host institution's academic mission and to help develop students in these core principles.

Academic Excellence

Fraternities and sororities support their members' academic goals. Chapters encourage members to study and reward them for achievement. The fraternity and sorority community celebrates their accomplishments each fall at the FSL Awards reception and has received many academic awards.


Philanthropy and service are important to the fraternity and sorority community. Each chapter holds events throughout the year to raise money and awareness for a variety of philanthropic causes. Chapters also participate in hands-on service in the community. Each fall, chapters hold their annual philanthropic and service events


Leadership development is an advantage of fraternity and sorority life. Many programs and events are held throughout the year to support students' leadership development. Additionally, fraternity and sorority members have the opportunity to hold leadership positions, participate in committees, and plan events within their chapters and councils

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The missions of the Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) is to enhance the quality of student life at American University by empowering members of the community through advising with a developmental approach, educating with a purpose, collaborating with stakeholders, promoting academic success, empowering civic engagement and social justice, advocating for healthy lifestyles, creating lifelong connections, and advancing values-based leadership.

Chapter Conduct Status

Each sorority and fraternity has social justice at its core

through their direct service and philanthropic initiatives. Fraternity & sorority life's values hone in on civic engagement, entrepreneurship, academic achievement, wellness, professional development, access to a network of thousands of professionals internationally, and a community of leaders, change-makers, and doers. This experience creates an infrastructure for community building and lifelong meaningful relationships.

There are multiple pathways to membership

in sororities and fraternities at American University. Here are the preliminary requirements set by AU. It is important to keep in mind that your behavior on or off campus during the fall semester could affect your ability to join an organization. First year students can join a sorority or fraternity in January and must meet the following criteria:
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Good standing with the Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution office
  • Student has completed 12 American University credit hours

Financial Obligation:

The only council that has a cost for recruitment is the Panhellenic Association. All other councils and chapters do not have a cost for participating in recruitment. Most chapters have new member dues as well as semester membership dues throughout the course of your undergraduate years. New member dues range from $250.00 - $800.00 and semester dues can range from $250.00 - $600.00. It is important that you ask about costs during the recruitment period to ensure you fully understand the financial obligations of membership.

Non-Discrimination Clauses and Trans* Membership:

All sororities and fraternities at American University abide by non-discrimination clauses. All groups are restricted from discriminating based on race, color, creed, religion, age, ethnic background, or national origin. Many groups have non-discrimination clauses protecting ability, mental or emotional disorders, veteran status, HIV status, family status, socio-economic background, etc. If you are interested in learning more about a specific organization's clause and practice, research their organization online or call their headquarters. Here is a list of groups (not exhaustive) who protect sexual orientation. Here is a list of non-discrimination clauses for our AU hosted FSL chapters (non exhaustive).

Trans* membership inclusion is dependent on the organization's stance at the inter/national level. At AU, Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority, Lambda Pi Chi Sorority Incorporated, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity are explicitly trans* inclusive. Through a Title IX clarification in 2015, the Department of Education permits fraternity and sorority headquarters to make decisions based on trans* inclusion. See the letter. If you are a member or potential new member who wishes to change policy, lobby at the inter/national headquarters or national office level for expansion of non-discrimination clause to include those who identify as trans*.

"From the moment I commit myself to become a member of a fraternity or sorority at American University; I am entitled to certain rights within the Fraternity & Sorority Community:

  • Right to be an individual, accepted as I am, with the personal qualities which mark me as both similar and different from others.

  • Right to dignity, free from intentional humiliation.

  • Right to equality, to be treated fairly as any other brother or sister.

  • Right to participation, as a partner, with the right to freely support or oppose a proposal under discussion by the membership.

  • Right to privacy, recognizing my need for personal time and the expectation that the security of my personal belongings will be respected.

  • Right to respect, for my culture and my spiritual beliefs.

  • Right to support, in my quest for personal growth, my studies, and my social life

  • At the same time that I acquire these rights, I also accept certain responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for growth, to work diligently for the development of myself, my college, and my fraternity or sorority.

  • Responsibility for loyalty, to my fraternity or sorority and its members, to the fraternity and sorority Community at American, to my university, and to the ideals for which they stand.

  • Responsibility to participate, thoughtfully in the business of the chapter, to complete faithfully those assignments accepted, and to embrace, support, and adhere to the decisions of the chapter, governing body, and the national/international organizations, and govern wisely if elected to a position of chapter leadership.

  • Responsibility for responsible conduct, since my personal actions reflect not only on me, but on my brothers or sisters, on my college, and on my family and friends.

  • Responsibility to respect, the rights, convictions and privacy of others, and to work unceasingly to improve fraternity/sorority relations with all other American University Greeks, with the university, with our campus neighbors, and with the general public. 

  • I further accept the personal responsibility for familiarizing myself with the published creed or ideals of my fraternity or sorority, and for doing my best to conduct myself in the accordance with these principles 

Transfer Students

Transfer students are eligible to join a fraternity or sorority their first semester at AU. As a transfer they have already met the admissions standards, which are higher than those for new members. Transfer students are encouraged to participate in formal recruitment for the IFC and Panhellenic to learn more about each chapter or participate in the less formal recruitment period in the fall. Please stop by the FSL office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Parents and families play a key role in supporting the development of fraternity and sorority members. This page should be a resource to you if your student is looking to get involved in the fraternity and sorority community and if you want to learn more about the membership experience.


American University appreciates the role fraternities and sororities play in the lives of students and is proud of the accomplishments of our award-winning students and organizations. Fraternity and Sorority life provides fraternities and sororities the tools to be autonomous organizations while having a values-based experience and contributing to the quality of campus life.

Please contact us for more information about our community.

New Member Eligibility

  1. Complete 12 credit hours of classes
  2. Minimum cumulative GPA is 2.5
  3. Must be in good standing with the University

Statement on Unrecognized Group

Epsilon Iota - Also referred to as EI was closed by both the University and their headquarters in March 2001. The fraternity lost university and national fraternity recognition for serious policy violations which involved hazing and alcohol abuse. Upon loss of recognition, members of this group formed this unrecognized organization. This organization has no connection any longer with their host national organization or the university.

Involvement in this or any unrecognized organization could pose risks to students, and the university highly discourages individuals from joining them. If you are interested in joining the FSL community, only look at recognized fraternities.