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American University uses 25Live as it's scheduling software for a majority of the space reservations around campus. Our office centrally manages the deployment of this software but individual spaces are managed by sub-schedulers who are experts of their space. 

The FAQ below is meant to guide you through the mechanics of 25Live as  as a tool questions about space and capabilities can be found on the 25Live reservation page or answered by the sub-schedulers of a specific space.  

FAQ 1 - Why can't I create an event?

Solution 1:   You haven’t taken the 25Live training and therefore cannot schedule events. Follow the link: here 
Be sure to fill out the submission form at the end for either a department or student organization. Once the submission form has been submitted UES will process your request and create your account.

Solution 2: you have just recently taken the training and have not been granted access to the system yet. Access is usually granted within 3 business days of completing the training.

Solution 3: You have been granted access to the system, but have not cleared your browser's cache to reflect your new security setting. Click here to find out how to clear your cache.

FAQ 2 - How do I find the 25live webpage? 

Go to the following address