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University Event Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you are having issues with using R25 or scheduling any event on campus please refer to this guide. If you cannot find a solution here then please contact us at (202) 885-3939. 

Answer 1

 Chances are you haven’t taken the 25Live training and therefore cannot schedule events. Follow the link: and be sure to fill out the submission form at the end for either a department or student organization. Once the submission form has been submitted UES will process your request and create your account. 

Answer 2

 Or, you have just recently taken the training and have not been granted access to the system yet. Access is usually granted within 3 business days of completing the training.

Answer 3

 You have been granted access to the system, but have not cleared your browser's cache to reflect your new security setting. Click here to find out how to clear your cache.

You can use either 

You will need an active AU user name and password in order to use the scheduling system

Logging into 25Live is done with the same login you would use for your AU portal account. If it still gives you trouble you may want to try to sync all of your passwords on your AU portal page on the left hand side. If syncing your passwords does not work then you may want to reach out to OIT as your login information may not be authenticating through our security systems properly.

The most effective way to ensure that there are not any glitches in the system when submitting an event request is to use the “Create an Event” in the middle of your dashboard or the Event Wizard. Although you can use the locations tab by searching calendar availability it does not always work well for those events that will have multiple occurrences.Back to Top

Answer 1

 Have you checked the date and time of the event that you are planning? The date and time has a lot to do with the availability of spaces on campus. Please review the 2015-2016 Event Calendar for more information on Preview Day, All-American Weekend, Commencement, the Academic Blackouts, and even Summer Event Scheduling.

Answer 2

 When you selected the date and time did you include any setup time? Setup time can usually be the difference between spaces populating and not populating. Spaces like MGC 2-5, MGC 2nd floor, Formal Lounges, and Butler Boardroom all require setup time. Once that has been applied to your record some spaces can become unavailable. 

Answer 3

 Does the headcount exceed the room that you are looking to schedule? It is sometimes the case that the “Enforce head count” is checked at the bottom of the search box. By un-selecting the box you will then see locations populate. Which may cause you to rethink how many people will be attending your event or meeting. We ask that when submitting requests that the head count reflect as close to how many people are expected to attend so that if your first preference is unavailable then we can help with placing you in another location with similar size. 

Answer 4

Spaces still might not be populating because the “Show only my authorized locations that have no time conflict” box is checked that will only show you those locations that do not have any time conflicts. Once that box is unchecked other locations will populate. 

If you are submitting a request with more than one date and the spaces that is used has a conflict then the request will not submit properly.