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Alternative Breaks Links and Travel Resources

Looking to plan an Alternative Break program? Feel free to browse the sites below for ideas and resources. AU does not endorse any of the organizations, except for Break Away, which the university is a part of.


Break Away, an excellent resource for  leaders, is a national organization helping universities to organize alternative breaks. You can seach the site bank database for organizations that can host an alternative break program (contact the Alternative Break coordinator for password & login).

Global Exchange is an organization that can help students coordinate trips. Global Exchange is experienced in holding "Reality Tours" which promote socially responsible travel. Programs focus on social, economic, political and environmental issues.

Center for Global Education at Augsburg College specializes in experiential, inter-cultural and educational travel. They can create customized programs with justice themes.

Amizade is a global volunteering and service-learning foundation, offering programs in Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, Jamaica, Tanzania, Mexico, Northern Ireland and the Navajo Nation.

AU Hillel organizes programs with Jewish themes for AU students.

Solimar Travel is a sustainable tourism agency in DC promoting travel to Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Witness for Peace organizes human rights, peace, and justice grassroots travel-education delegations in Latin America: Colombia, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Mexico.

Cross-Cultural Solutions offers volunteer programs around the world.

African Diaspora Culture Yourworld is a company that organizes trips to Brazil with a focus on the African Diaspora Culture.

Transitions Abroad is a magazine with guides to work, study, travel, and living abroad.Read "The Monkey Hunt", an article written by Alternative Break coordinator, Shoshanna Sumka, about leading service-learning trips in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

World Neighbors is an international development organization that provides training for communities to find long term solutions to poverty, hunger, disease, and a healthy environment.

ProWorld's mission is to promote social and economic development, empower communities, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens. They coordinate service-learning programs in Peru, Belize, Mexico, India and Thailand.

International Partners cultivates leadership capacity and create personal partnerships with grass-roots leaders in developing countries to bring education, health, and opportunity to people in impoverished communities. They organize delegations to El Salvador.

Global Vision International provides opportunities to work on conservation and humanitarian projects around the world including: Mexico, Seychelles, Patagonia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand and Laos.

American Hiking Society builds and maintains trails across the US.

COPRODELI works with Peruvian communities to provide fundamental needs, education and job training. They will help you organize an alternative spring break program.

Foundation for Sustainable Development supports the efforts of grassroots development organizations in Latin America, East Africa, and Asia that are working to better the communities, environments, and the economic opportunities around them.

Sustainable Horizon can help to create customized alternative break programs with an environmental focus in Latin America.

The International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) is an association of non-governmental organizations involved in international volunteer work and internship exchanges. IVPA is an association of volunteer sending organizations but does not organize or run its own volunteer programs. IVPA can serve as a guide to anyone considering volunteering abroad or developing international service opportunities.

The Student and Youth Travel Association "Road" Scholarship is open to youth under the age of 26 who cannot afford the cost of a group educational travel program. You must be nominated by a teacher or a youth leader to be eligible for this award.

UBELONG offers volunteering opportunities to live in a community and work on a local project. UBELONG has over 80 projects in multiple countries and fields, and is led by international development professionals and former volunteers.

Travel Guide is an awesome travel resource, full of useful information for travelers, especially students. It goes over travel planning and checklists, travel safety, foreign travel, passports and visas, health while traveling, studying abroad and more. Created by the students at Monument Charter School.

Go Volunteer Abroad is a listing of volunteer programs and volunteering scholarships.