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Community Engagement & Service

New Orleans: Understanding Privilege of the Pocket

NOLA Alt Break 2016-2017

The Program:

This alternative break would focus on education, and how the lack of equity intersects with poverty and race and is facilitated by policy decisions by unresponsive governments. In particular, we wil explore how Hurricane Katrina has had an indelible mark on New Orleans and how recovery and rebuilding has impacted education for its most disadvantaged students. We would love to deepen the learning initiated on last year's program by engaging with institutions in New Orleans who create and institute such policies. These could include government offices, organizations involved with response after Katrina, or legal institutions. In regards to the types of service engaged in, while direct service is valuable and important, this program would also serve as a vessel for stressing the importance of less direct service. Ultimately, participants will be pushed to examine the impacts of similar problems in the District of Columbia and how alternative break activism can influence consciousness in DC.

Engagement Itinerary:

March 11, 2017: Fly out of DC, land in NOLA. Get settled at Camp Hope.

March 12, 2017: Panel with Community Activists. Exploring the French Quarter.

March 13. 2017: United Saints Recovery Project. Engagement in the Lower Ninth

March 14, 2017: KIPP Central City Academy. Arise Academy

March 15, 2017: APEX Youth Center

March 16, 2017: Office of Community Development, Office of the Mayor of New Orleans

March 17, 2017: Covenant House, New Orleans. Discover Fest After School Program Site

March 18, 2017: Boys Hope Girls Hope New Orleans. Critical Final Discussion over Group Dinner. Explore parts of NOLA city life

March 19, 2017: Fly out of NOLA, land back in DC

Quick Facts

Destination: New Orleans, LA

Dates: March 11-19, 2017

Cost: $905

Adviser: Harry Gilliard

Cost includes: Airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, admission fees, travel insurance, guides, and administrative fees.


Meet Your Student Leaders!

Shyheim Snead is a junior studying Political Science with a concentration in policy and a minor in Education Studies. Shyheim is also pursuing a certificate in Community-Based Research. Originally from Bridgeport, CT, Shyheim is a Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholar, and a member of both the AU Honors Program and the SPA Honors Program. A low income, first generation college student, Shyheim is interested in addressing inequality in K-12 education through the lens of neighborhood empowerment and community engagement. A former participant in the NOLA Alt Break program, Shyheim is thrilled to lead the program and re-engage in critical dialogues around race, education, and government response.

Ammarah Rehman is a sophomore here at American University studying International Studies and Broadcast Journalism. She is excited about leading this program in order to work with youth in NOLA in order to learn about what is needed after Hurricane Katrina