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Community Engagement & Service

At the Crossroads: The Navigation of Migration and Community on the U.S.-Mexico Border

US Mexico Border Program, Alt Breaks

Photo credit Shirley Arazia, Alt Break Leader

The Program:

This alt break is meant to engage students to become activists for immigration reform and greater awareness of issues via grassroots initiatives after visiting the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Quick Facts

Destination: US Mexico Border

Cost: TBD

Dates: May 2018, exact dates pending

Adviser: TBD

Cost includes: Airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, admission fees, guides, travel insurance, and administrative fees



Meet Your Student Leaders!

Shirley Araiza is a third year student at American University currently majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Health . Originally from Hillsboro, Oregon (outside of Portland), Shirley grew up the daughter of Mexican immigrants from Jalisco and Oaxaca who picked crops in Oregon’s agriculture industry for many years, and who had long lived in the shadows of their immigration status. This background has caused her to become interested in issues facing migrant and hispanic communities, and how the immigration system contributes to issues within these communities. She has hopes of eventually becoming an attorney or public policy professional, and moving back to Oregon and working around land and water use, labor, healthcare, and agricultural issues facing the state.

Currently seeking an incredible co-leader! Please contact if you are interested.