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CB Course Designation

1. Entire Class is Involved

The entire class is involved in community-based learning; it is integral to course learning goals as indicated on the syllabus and course content informs and enhances the service-learning that occurs.

Whole Class

Photo Credit: Aurora Lutty, Eve Bratman's 3rd World Cities course with the Free Minds Bookclub


Sample Learning Outcomes

  • Students will connect their research in the classroom, the library, and writing process to practical experiences in the greater Washington, D.C. community. (LIT 101: College Writing, Professor Amanda Choutka)
  • Gain knowledge of useful frameworks and relevant theories for approaching community-based learning with an understanding of inequality, social troubles, and said institutions, across a wide range of contexts. (SOC 150: Global Sociology, Dr. Salvador Vidal-Ortiz)
  • Develop professional projects, interventions, initiatives, communications, measurements, reports, or other material to meet the needs of community partners and, if appropriate, their clients. (PUB 480: Public Health Capstone, Dr. Jolynn Gardner)
  • Students will learn how to manage relationships and build rapport with nonprofit staff and the people they serve. (ANTH 544/COMM 528: Community Documentary, Professor Nina Shapiro-Perl)
  • By the end of the semester students will be able to engage in community service and critical reflection in order to gain a deeper understanding of issues related to poverty, diversity and civic engagement. (SIS 140: Cross-Cultural Communications, Professor Easten Law).

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When the entire class is involved in community-based learning, there are many opportunities for students to reflect upon their experiences with one another.

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As each participant, partner, and faculty member enters community-based learning with a different background and experiences, all can serve as co-educators in the process.

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CBL Classes

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CBL Related Events and Opportunities

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The CB Course Designation

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