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CB Course Designation

2. Reciprocity

Reciprocity is a key characteristic of the service-learning partnership. The community partnership/s meets community or organizational needs and the learning needs of students.

First-year students assist with a door-to-door community survey during the Freshmen Service event.

First-year students assist in a variety of community projects with local non-profits, such as a door-to-door community survey.


Timeline for Partnership Development

Prior to the Start of the Semester

8 weeks- Faculty and Partners reach out to the CCES office for assistance in developing a partnership. Faculty and Community Partners explore different options. 

4 weeks- Faculty and Partners complete MOU formalizing the partnership.  

2 weeks- Faculty and Partners finalize details and prepare for students. 


During the Semester

Week 1- Students connect with community partners and prepare for service.  

Week 3- By this point, students have entered community or begun work on their culminating CBL project.  

Ongoing- Students, faculty, and community partners are critically reflecting on the experience and learning from each other.  

Week 8- Faculty and community partner review the MOU to ensure goals are being met. 

Week 14- Students final CBL projects are due. This gives time for reflection and changes to be made if necessary for the community partner. 

Week 15- Students complete SETs, faculty e-mails community partner evaluation tool. Faculty can use community partner feedback to inform evaluations of students. 


After the semester concludes

Faculty and community partners follow up and evaluate the experience. 

Faculty send CCES data on partnering agencies and culminating outcomes/impact.



It is a best practice within community-based learning to establish an MOU between the faculty member or students and the community agency. 

Follow the link to see a guide for establishing a MOU. 

Contact the CCES office for an editable version (

Sample MOU

Connect with a CB Course

Are you a community partner interested in collaborating with a community-based learning course?

Review the course offerings and contact Meg Rego: Program Coordinator, Community-Based Learning ( for an introduction.

Current Courses

Community Partners

Review our list of community partners broken down by issue area to and get in touch with potential partnering agencies.

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