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Community Engagement & Service

CB Course Designation

8. Assessment

Assessment of service-learning courses is essential. Evaluative feedback is needed from: (1) students, (2) community partner(s), and (3) the faculty member. CCES offers tools to achieve this criteria and will need access to this data.

Students going through feedback of the community based Learning courses.


SET Questions

All community-based learning courses are evaluated through 4 designated SET questions. These are automatically added to classroom SETs and completed by students at the end of the semester. 

Students are asked the following: 

  1. My professor helped prepare me for work in the nonprofit sector and community.
  2. The community work I carried out deepened my understanding of assignments, lectures, and readings in the course.
  3. My community-based learning work contributed to the community or organization.
  4. I had the opportunity to reflect critically on my community work and its relationship to the course content with my class and professor.

The SET results are returned to the CCES office and used to inform future CBL faculty trainings.

Community Partner Survey

It is important to receive feedback from our community partners. 

CCES provides the following survey to evaluate the community-based learning experience from the partner's perspective. 

Follow the link below to preview the survey. We ask that faculty forward this survey along to their community partners during the 14th week of the semester.

Community Partner Survey

CBL Related Events and Opportunities

Interested in Community-Based Learning? Follow the link below for information on AU's Annual Community-Based Learning events. 


CBL Events

The CB Course Designation

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