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Community-Based Learning and Research

is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates community service with instruction and reflection to connect the theoretical realm of the classroom and the practical needs of the community.

Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Learning and Research provides AU students and faculty the opportunity to respond to significant needs of the DC metropolitan area. Students practice, re-examine, and deepen their classroom learning through a project in a nonprofit setting where their work benefits others as well as their own intellectual development.

Current Community-Based Learning Courses

If you are a student interested in deepening your educational experience through community-based learning, check out the list below. Registering for a community-based learning course follows the traditional registration process. 

The Center for Community Engagement & Service Provides Support for:

  • The Community-Service Learning Program (CSLP): a community-based learning option in which students attach an additional credit to a course by combining classroom study with active civic participation.
  • The Incorporation of Community-Based Learning (CBL) into Courses: faculty and students can seek assistance with community placements, finding community-based learning resources, and receive logistical support to more effectively integrate community-based learning into their courses.

Community Partner Fair

The Center for Community Engagement & Service hosts a community partner fair each semester to assist students and faculty in connecting with community partners.

Check out the list of those who attended this past Spring.

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Register for the new "CB" Course Designation

Are you a faculty member who teaches a course that includes community-based learning or research? Follow the link below to learn about the new "CB" course designation and how you can register your course.

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Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference

Learn about the Regional Maryland-DC Campus Compact Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference (SLCE).

Each year the conferences draws 300 faculty, students, staff, and community partners from DC and Maryland colleges.

American University to host

SLCE 2015

SLCE Conference

Community-Based Learning Symposium

On November 20th, 2013, American University held its Inaugural Community-Based Learning Symposium highlighting campus/community partnerships and Alumni working in the Nonprofit Sector.

The event was a great success, well attended, and heightened the conversation around community-based learning at AU.

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