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Community Engagement & Service

FSE Coordinator Roles


Throughout the planning of the Freshman Service Experience during the summer, each of the five coordinators is responsible for one particular job. The jobs and a general overview of their responsibilities and their respective 2014 Coordinator are below:

  • Programming (Chante)
  • Community Partners (Megan)
  • Publicity and Publications (Ava)
  • Logistics (Alex)
  • Participants and Leaders (Sam)

Leaders & Participants

This coordinator's role is primarily to serve as the point of contact between the FSE staff, participants, leaders, and parents. They coordinate leader training and create AU Swag bags for both leaders and participants. But most importantly, they make sure the FSE community are placed in their site according to preference and are prepared for their two days of service.

Community Partners

The primary role and responsibility of this coordinator is serve as the liason between the community partners and the FSE Staff. They confirm the volunteer sites for the two days of service and ensure that they have meaningful service opportunities for participants. It is very important for this coordinator to preserve the relationships of past FSE sites in addition to creating new ones.


This coordinator is responsible for planning the events that take place during FSE which include, opening and closing ceremonies, and the four evening activities on the first day of FSE. This coordinator's end goal is to ensure that all of the programming runs smoothly and that the events facilitate bonding and reflection between students to add to the service experience.


This coordinator's primary responsibility is to serve as the point person for the implementation and execution of the FSE Program. They create and manage a minute-by-minute script of the 3 days of FSE, create a transportation plan to get participants to their volunteer site, order smartrip cards, and most importantly to create a food plan and menu for the duration of the program, making sure to adhere to any and all dietary restrictions!


hours each week

all the coordinators put into the planning of FSE!

FSE Neighborhoods

Learn more about each of the neighborhoods that the coordinators also oversee!

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This coordinator's role is to oversee and control all media outlets associated with FSE which includes the Facebook, Twitter, and Website in addition to faciliating and executing the overall theme of the year's FSE and creating the general printed program. Most importantly however, this coordinator is responsible for overseeing the production of the annual "FSE Highlights" video filmed by the Press Corps team and shown at closing ceremony.