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Body Image


The Wellness Center is committed to excellence in the provision of eating disorders prevention, early intervention, case management, and eating disorders awareness activities. While the Wellness Center cannot provide treatment for any body image or eating concerns, we can provide education and support to friends of those struggling with an eating disorder and we can also offer case management and assistance finding appropriate treatment both on-campus and off-campus for those currently struggling with an eating disorder.

Our nationally based, scientific evidence-based prevention programs aim to reduce eating concerns across the campus.

Body Image Awareness Week held each February and Fat Talk Free Week held each October aim to highlight the Wellness Center's work on Body Image and Eating Disorders, however we are committed to these efforts every day throughout the academic year.

Concerning Body Image

Body image is a construct that comprises a mixture of self-perceptions, ideas and feelings about, and behaviors in regard to one's physical attributes.

These disturbances can entail:

  • over-evaluation of one's appearance in defining sense of self;
  • internalization of unrealistic ideals of beauty, success, and power;
  • a negatively distorted view of one's appearance in relation to those ideals;
  • and body image dissatisfaction (which is tied to self-esteem).

The Wellness Center aims to help students explore body image concepts and to embrace a positive body image through challenging media and other social portrayals of the bodies.