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General Nutrition


The Wellness Center contains a wealth of resources on nutrition tailored to every need of our student body.

Since AU does not have a Registered Dietitian on staff, students requiring nutrition counseling based on individual health needs can obtain a referral to a Registered Dietitian off-campus if necessary.

Dietary Guidelines provided by the US Dept. of Agriculture and the Institute of Medicine. Please note that these are the values you should be reaching every day, they are a not maximum numbers that you should be avoiding! These numbers apply to the average American college student. Most athletes, especially endurance athletes, need to be eating significantly more than this each day and should be consulting trainers and sports nutritionists about exact dietary needs.

Individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes should consult with a physician or nutritionist about their daily nutritional needs.

Farmer's Markets

Looking for a simple way to enrich your life through the food that you eat? Take some time to check out a farmer's market! When you eat nutrient-rich, locally sourced, and organic produce or food products from a farmer's market, you're making choices that affect your health in more ways than one. Some research even suggests that shopping at a farmer's market cultivates mental health benefits that you won't get from shopping at your local grocery superstore. When you purchase your produce directly from the individual who planted and harvested it, you are much more mindful of and grateful for the entire farm to table process than someone who has purchased a bag of frozen vegetables.

In addition, the ability to speak to the farmer directly about what you purchase allows you to learn more about that farmer's practices and values when it comes to food. The local eatery Founding Farmers sums it best- "We believe that everyone benefits by knowing more about the sources of the food they eat."

Farmers Markets are also great social atmospheres! Bring a friend to help you pick out kale or chat up that cutie sampling apple slices.  

Below are just a few of the local farmer's markets in DC. Some will take you farther out into the city and some are just a stone's throw away. But you can be sure that all of them will offer the healthiest foods can be.