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The Sorority Body Project

The Sorority Body Project (formerly known as Reflections: Body Image Program) is an evidence-based peer led body image education and eating disorder prevention program. It was designed in collaboration with an international sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and focuses on the unique needs of and relationships between sorority sisters. The program works to improve body image issues, encourage healthy confrontation and communication skills, and resist the unrealistic, ultrathin ideal standard of female beauty that is prevalent in today's society. The Sorority Body Project is implemented among sorority members in two two-hour sessions using highly interactive, peer-led, small groups. The program does not focus on eating disorders. Instead, it emphasizes creating and re-affirming a positive and healthy personal body image through a variety of structured discussions, activities, and exercises. By doing so, participants learn to embrace the healthy ideal, reduce their own body dissatisfaction, decrease "fat talk" in their daily life and recognize all of the wonderful non-appearance related aspects of themselves and others. 

The Body Project

The Body Project has a similar design and goal as that of the Reflections Body Image Program. This project is to be implemented campus wide to all female students in order to reduce the risk for current and/or future eating disorder pathology. This is accomplished through four sessions where written, verbal and behavioral exercises help facilitate the movement away from valuing the thin-ideal to an understanding and acceptance of the healthy-ideal. The final goal is to improve body satisfaction and promote an overall feeling of positive body image and acceptance along with enhancing self-esteem and mood.


Peer Educators for the Elimination of Relationship and Sexual Violence (PEERS) is comprised of passionate student leaders at AU who are recruited, trained, and supervised by AU's Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator. The mission of PEERS is to increase awareness of sexual assault, dating abuse, and stalking; as well as reduce the incidence of sexual violence in the AU community through outreach and education. PEERS provide workshops and facilitate discussions on dating abuse, stalking, and sexual violence to any university affiliated group.

Peer Health Educators

The Wellness Center is dedicated to promoting and delivering health promotion awareness events and activities. In order to most effectively reach the AU community, we've created the volunteer position of AU Volunteer Peer Health Educator Program. Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are a diverse group of AU students interested in proactively addressing health and wellness issues on campus and trained to educate their classmates about college lifestyle and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.

If you are interested in booking a presentation of any of these programs for your group or organization, or if you'd like to apply to become a peer educator in one of these programs, please email for more information.