Wellness Center

Dating Abuse and Stalking

Sexual Assault Resources

 Dating Abuse Resources

  • Women Empowered Against Violence (WEAVE) (202) 452-9550 Provides advocacy and legal services and resources.
  • Women Empowered Against Violence Emergency Domestic Relations Project(EDRP)(202) 393-6290, Domestic Violence legal services at the Domestic Violence Intake Center
  • Break the Cycle 1-888-988-8336 Helpline, Break the Cycle provides legal services and other advocacy programs for survivors ages 12-24
  • Deaf Abused Women's Network (DAWN) TTY: (202)861-0258 DAWN is a local organization that supports deaf women in abusive relationships.
  • My Sister’s Place (202) 529-5991, 24-Hour Hotline and Support Services
  • SAFE, Inc (202) 879-7851 Support and advocacy, Protection Orders
  • Tahirih Justice Center (703) 575-0070, Provides legal options and support services for immigrant women and their children and the larger international community

Stalking Resources

  • National Center for Victimes of Crime Stalking Resource Center-- Hotline: 1-800-FYI-CALL


Understanding the Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships

Equality: Partners share decision making roles Control: One partner makes decisions for the other
Honesty: Partners are open and communicate needs and desires Dishonesty: One partner lies to the other
Support: Partners will encourage each other Disrespect: One partner may insult, demean, or otherwise put the other down
Comfort: Partners are free to be themselves Intimidation: One partner may attempt to coerce the other into doing things they do not feel comfortable with
Understanding of boundaries: Respect is given to each partners privacy Lack of privacy: Examining a partners phone, email, or social media discussions without permission or consent
Independence within the relationship Dependence on the other individual
Physical Safety: Partners feel safe when together and in the space that they may share Physical Abuse: One partner may use force to exert their will on another (i.e.: slapping, pushing, hitting)
Sexual Respect: Partners never force any physical activity without consent. There is active and enthusiastic consent before any sexual activity Sexual Abuse: Force or coercion are used by one partner against the other. Even in relationships, consent is required before any sexual activity