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Wellness Center
Hughes hall, Room 105

Pritma "Mickey" Irizarry
Director, Wellness Center

Wellness Center
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20018-8067

Long-term Support

Consider working with a confidential advocate from the Office of Advocacy Services for Interpersonal and Sexual Violence (OASIS). An advocate can help you process your feelings as well as explain the various resources available on and off campus. An advocate can be especially helpful in navigating the process of negotiating academic support, changing room assignments, or meeting with Student Conduct.

To make an appointment email or call (202) 885-7070.

You are entitled to free, confidential victim advocacy as long as you are student at American University.


Additional Resources

AU Counseling Center (202) 885-3500 

The Counseling Center offers counseling, support, and referrals for survivors of sexual violence. The counseling center can also make referrals to off-campus counselors who specialize in trauma.

Office of the Dean of Students (202) 885-3300 

The Office of the Dean of Students can assist you in communicating with academic advisors, professors, counseling, housing, and other units and resources on campus.

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services (202) 885-3328 

If you are interested in filing a complaint or have questions regarding AU’s Student Conduct Code, please contact the SCCRS office.

Network for Victim Recovery of the District of Columbia (NRVDC) (202)-742-1720

The Network for Victim Recovery of the District of Columbia (NVRDC) empowers crime survivors of sexual assault through a collaborative approach by providing holistic, comprehensive services in three ways: community-based education, therapeutic, and legal support.

Housing and Dining Programs (202) 885-3370 

A survivor is encouraged to speak with their Resident or Area Director to find out their housing options after an assault has occurred. Housing and Dining staff will work with the student based on their needs and choices.

Student Health Center (202) 885-3380 

The SHC can provide follow-up medical care, sexually transmitted infection testing, and emergency contraception. Healthcare providers can also provide resource and referral information based upon your needs. To schedule an appointment with a provider call 202-885-3380. Walk-in appointments are accepted and scheduled based upon availability.

Collegiate Assistance Program 1-855-678-8679, PIN 1009.

This service is provided to all students through the Student Health Insurance Plan (regardless of whether you are on our plan). Students can access a 24 hour hotline staffed by registered nurses and obtain information about medical, legal, and counseling resources. Rape crisis counselors are also available.

Wellness Center (202) 885-3276 

The Wellness Center provides information, support and referral services on a wide variety of health, wellness, and safety issues. Local and national resources on sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking can be found in the Wellness Center.

Academic Support and Access Center (202) 885-3360 

ASAC ensures that students with physical, medical, or psychological disabilities have equal access to university programs and services. DSS provides or coordinates a range of services and accommodations that meet the individual needs of a student based on the impact of the specific disability.

Center for Diversity & Inclusion (202) 885-3651 

CDI works to strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus community that welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities by providing support, educational resources, and advocacy.

International Student & Scholar Services (202) 885–3350 or 3340 

ISSS is committed to providing students and exchange visitors with accurate and timely advice on all immigration questions. To ensure this commitment, an international student advisor is always available at the front desk to assist students and exchange visitors. ISSS also publishes handouts on various F-1 and J-1 immigration issues, such as work authorization, travel, and change of status, which are available from the ISSS office or website.

Kay Spiritual Life Center (202) 885-3320

The Kay Spiritual Life Center serves the university community as a center for religious life and spiritual growth. The Kay Center fosters a climate of interfaith understanding and openness in which matters of faith and values are recognized as an integral part of university life. Survivors may need spiritual guidance as a part of the healing process. For more information contact Christine Gettings at

Student Advocacy Center (SAC) (202)-885-6413

SAC, a Student Government organization, provides student advocates that can inform you of your rights as an AU student.