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Become a Peer Educator!

The Wellness Center is dedicated to delivering effective and engaging events and programs to the AU community. Our student-led peer health education programs, Wellness Crew and Cabana Crew, play an integral role in achieving this mission. Members are a diverse group of AU students who are interested in proactively addressing health and wellness issues on campus. They are trained to educate their classmates about college lifestyles and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.

We welcome students with interest in all health topics who wish to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of the AU community.

What is the mission of the Wellness Network?

The mission of the Wellness Network is to encourage, support, and advance a healthy lifestyle for the AU community. As a Network member you will have the unique opportunity to learn the most current information on a variety of health-related topics including sexual health, eating disorders/body image, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as general wellness. The Wellness Network is dedicated to providing education with sensitivity to race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, and individual capabilities.

Why should I join the Wellness Network?

There are many exciting benefits to being a member, including:

  • Being a part of an excellent educational and leadership experience
  • Becoming part of a dynamic community of students with similar interests
  • Developing and/or sharpening communication, presentation, marketing, program planning, and group facilitation skills
  • Having a solid experience that you can list on your resume
  • Gaining extensive knowledge about behavior change theories and current health topics that improve your own decision-making and knowledge base, as well as benefit your peers
  • Receiving updates on health issues on campus, upcoming programs, collaborative opportunities, etc.
  • Attending local conferences and other training and professional growth opportunities
  • Having an opportunity to contribute significantly to the growth of the Wellness Network’s programs

What do members do?

Being a member of the Wellness Network will require a substantial time commitment (an average of 4 hours per week). Duties include:

Wellness Crew

  • Attending required trainings on college health topics and prevention methodologies; attending optional trainings as interest and time allows
  • Attending weekly planning meetings in order to get involved with current activities or initiate new efforts
  • Develop and implement collaborative educational projects with other departments and student groups
  • Facilitate interactive presentations, discussions, panels, workshops, and health awareness events for AU students
  • Serving as a visible health and referral source to your peers on a daily basis
  • Informing AU of your concerns, perceived health issues on campus, student opinion, and areas in health education that need to be addressed

Cabana Crew

Cabana Crew duties are similar to Wellness Crew members except their focus is mainly on organizing Cabana outings. This includes attending weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas and office hours to coordinate logistics and to staff the Cabana.

How can I join?

We are no longer recruiting for Academic Year 2014-2015. For more information about the next recruitment cycle, please contact Tessa Telly at or 202-885-3255.

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