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Office of Information Technology

Workstation Provisioning & Receiving

IT Asset Management Program

Workstation Provisioning

The following steps are performed to provision workstations for AU departments:

  1. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) creates and thoroughly tests the standard image for new workstations.
  2. OIT coordinates with Dell and the Procurement & Contracts office to ensure the newly created image is installed on the workstations ordered by AU.
  3. The Procurement & Contracts office notifies the OIT Asset Management team when new requests are received from the AU community.
  4. Orders are placed by the Procurement & Contracts office.

Workstation Receiving

The following steps are performed once the workstations arrive on campus:

  1. New workstations are delivered to the AU Central Receiving location.
  2. The OIT Asset Management team records the workstation asset tags and serial numbers in the IT asset management system database.
  3. The workstations are delivered to the appropriate departments by Support Services.
  4. The local technical support staff will set them up.
    • In the absence of the local technical support staff, requests are sent to the IT Help Desk and an OIT technical support engineer will install the new workstations.