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Disabling Your Wireless Connection

Does the SafeConnect login page keep prompting you to log in whenever you use a wired network connection from your Windows computer? Are you experiencing internet connection issues? This behavior may occur when you are connected to both the wired and wireless networks simultaneously.

When you connect to the wired network using an Ethernet cable, disable your wireless connection using one of the methods described below. Re-enable your wireless connection only when you disconnect your Ethernet cable.


Using the Wireless ON/OFF Switch or Keyboard Combination

Most laptops have a function key combination on the keyboard that toggles the wireless connection on and off.

Look for the following symbol: tower 

On some Dell laptops, there is a blue function key that says, "Fn." Press and hold the Fn key and then press the F2 key while still holding the Fn key. That will toggle the wireless off. Press Fn+F2 again to toggle the wireless back on. Some laptops also have a dedicated ON/OFF switch for the wireless connection. Consult the owner's manual for your laptop for specific instructions.


Disabling or Enabling Wireless through the Windows Network Connections Screen

If your laptop does not seem to have a toggle switch or keyboard function for turning the wireless on and off, you can also disable and enable your wireless connection through Windows:

  1. Click on the START button. 
  2. Select CONTROL PANEL from the START MENU
  3. Click on NETWORK AND INTERNET CONNECTIONS in the Control Panel window, if Windows is using the Category view. 
  4. Click on NETWORK CONNECTIONS on the next screen. 
  5. Right-click on your Wireless Network Connection and select DISABLE from the menu that appears. 
  6. When you want to enable the wireless network connection again, right-click on the icon and select ENABLE.


Note: This issue does not affect computers running the Macintosh or Linux operating systems.