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Office of Information Technology

Accessing Your Personal Network Drive

Faculty and Staff Instructions

Each faculty or staff member is provided with a personal network drive called a home directory, where you can save files on the EagleNet network. You will be able to access files stored on your G: drive both on and off campus through the methods described below. All G; drives are scanned regularly for viruses and backed up each night, so it is a safe place to store your most important data. Your G: drive also has a WWW folder that can be used to post personal or academic Web pages.


Accessing your home directory while on campus

  1. Log into the Novell network from your computer. 
  2. Click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop or in your START menu to display all of your available drives. 
  3. Locate the icon that represents your G: Drive. It will stand out because the label begins with your USER NAME.

For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you would see "jdoe" on "Servername\Volume\Users\Private." This is your G: drive.


Uploading or downloading files to your G: drive from any computer connected to the Internet

  1. Login to the portal at
  2. Click the TECHNOLOGY link, then click the ACCESS MY NETWORK DRIVES link. 
  3. Select your G: drive 
  4. Open a folder or download a file by clicking on it with the mouse. 
  5. Then, select the appropriate link on the right. For example, click the UPLOAD FILE link to save a file to your G: drive.