Office of Information Technology

Signing Into a Campus Computer

AU uses Novell NetWare for file and print sharing. University-owned Windows computers have the Novell client installed, so the Novell login screen will be the first thing you see when you turn on a computer. In order to access your network drives and printers, you must login to the Novell client successfully.

Personal computers owned by students, faculty, and staff generally do not have the Novell client. You can instead access your network drives through the ACCESS MY NETWORK DRIVES link under the TECHNOLOGY section of the Web portal.


Logging into Novell

  1. Connect to either AU's wired or wireless network.
    • IMPORTANT: If you are not connected to AU's network, check the WORKSTATION ONLY box to bypass the Novell login and log directly into Windows. Checking this option may change the user name to the last user name that was used to login to Windows. Make sure you enter the Windows user name that you typically use (normally, it should be the same as your user name). If you have never used this particular computer, a local Windows account may have to be created for you by a technician.
  2. Login to the Novell Client when prompted, using the same USER NAME and PASSWORD that you use to access the Web portal. Then, press ENTER.
    Novell Login Screen


Logging into Windows

Windows computers may also have local accounts with passwords that must be entered correctly to access the computer. Please note: you will not be prompted with a separate Windows login, if your local Windows user name and password match your user name and password.

  1. You will see the following login screen after you complete the Novell login process, if your Windows user name and password do not match the portal:
    Windows Login Screen
  2. Login using your Windows USER NAME and PASSWORD.
  3. You can check the box to change your Windows password to match your password for the sake of convenience.
  4. Then, press ENTER.

Please contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550,, or AskAmericanUHelp for assistance.