Office of Information Technology

Mounting Your Shared Departmental Drive

Using the Prosoft Netware Client for the Macintosh OS X

Before you begin, you should:

  • Have the Prosoft NetWare client installed and set up. 
  • Connect to the AU network, either through the wired network on campus or by logging into the VPN from off campus. 
  • Know your full context by copying it from the MY CONTEXT AND INCOMING MAIL SERVER application under the TECHNOLOGY section of the Web portal.

If you do not have the Prosoft client set up or if you need help connecting to AU through the VPN, please contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550,, or AskAmericanUHelp.


Finding the Path to your Shared Departmental Drive (Your I: Drive)

You can follow the steps below to find the path to your I drive:, if you are logged into the EagleNet using a Windows computer. Alternatively, you may also contact the IT Help Desk to obtain this information.

  1. In Windows, double-click on the MY COMPUTER icon. 
  2. Select VIEW and then TILES
  3. Locate your I drive in the list of Network Drives. Then, write down the NAME of the folder, and what SERVER and VOLUME it is on. In the example below, the folder is SHARED, the server is ADMIN2, and the volume is UCC1.
    network drives


Logging in to AU's Network

  1. Launch the NETWARE BROWSER from the Dock. 
  2. Log in using your USER NAME and PASSWORD, if you have not already done so. You should see an icon labeled with your username on your desktop, when you are logged in to AU's network. This is the link to your personal G drive, which should be mounted automatically when you sign in.


Browsing to Your Shared Departmental Drive

  1. Click the BROWSE tab in the Prosoft NetWare client. 
  2. Click the icon labeled WORLD. Then, click the icon labeled AU in the next pane to the right (as shown below).
  3. Then, click the icon labeled AU, which appears further to the right. You will see the following screen:
  4. The next column to the right displays the Novell NetWare containers. Click the one that is appropriate based on your CONTEXT
  5. Then, find and select the name of the SERVER and VOLUME in the last column on the right.
  6. Double-click the SERVER_VOLUME name or click the MOUNT button to mount the shared departmental drive. The volume will appear as an icon on your desktop. 
  7. Double-click to open the SERVER_VOLUME
  8. Then, open the SHARED folder to get to the shared portion of your departmental drive.


If you have any questions or these instructions do not work for you, please contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550,, or AskAmericanUHelp.

NOTE: The next time you log into the NetWare Browser, you will only need to click on the MOUNTS button. Then, the stored path to your I drive will appear. Double-click on the PATH and the icon will appear on your desktop. If you put a check mark in the Active column to the left of the path before you log in, the client will automatically mount the drive the next time you log in.