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You Have Been Migrated to Office 365

SENT TO The Lotus Notes Account of APPROPRIATE FACULTY & STAFF - After Migration Completes

Congratulations, your email, calendar, and contact data has been successfully migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, as part of Office 365.


  • Archived data will begin to be migrated, during the first weekend after your migration date. It may take several days to complete for larger archive databases.
  • Your Lotus Notes email, calendar, and contacts will be available as a reference in read-only mode until the end of the summer; however, no new email messages will be received there, so it is important that you follow the steps below to immediately transition to your Office 365 account. 
  • Access will continue to be available to other Lotus Notes databases until they are transitioned to another platform.


The following action steps will help to ease your transition to the new email system.

  1. Open the Outlook application and configure the client, by entering your AU email address and password.
  2. Confirm all messages and folders are present in your new mail file. Your archive might be migrated separately.
  3. Refer to the detailed instructions on the Office 365 FAQ page to configure any of the personalized settings which could not be automatically migrated, such as special mail rules or filters, locally stored contacts, and customized email signatures.
  4. Review the contents of the Junk E-mail folder, and "un-junk" any items that Outlook may have inadvertently categorized as Junk. Outlook applies its own junk-mail filters to migrated mail, which may cause some wanted items to be routed to the new Junk E-mail folder.
  5. Install the Office 365 mobile applications, especially Outlook, through the app store for your mobile device.

Utilizing Office 2016 via the web or desktop applications, you can take advantage of all functions and features of Office 365.

Please report any questions or concerns to the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550 or

Thank you,

Office of Information Technology
American University