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Office of Information Technology

Pre-Migration Checklist

To ensure a smooth migration of your data, there are a few steps that you can take now to best prepare.

  1. Try to reduce the size of your mail file and your archive database, as smaller mailboxes and archives migrate faster and with less issues than large ones. There is a maximum of 50 GB of storage available for your mailbox and another 50 GB for your archive.
    • Delete unnecessary or unwanted messages that you do not need to retain. If you have questions about retention of particular records, please check the University's Record Retention Schedule.
    • Be sure to empty trash your trash.
    • Export and delete large attachments. Email messages and attachments larger than 150 MB cannot be migrated; therefore, they must be either saved outside of your mailbox or deleted.
  2. Complete training, whether it’s online or in-person, as this will help ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. Check out the schedule and list of resources.
  3. If you have customized your signature, make a note to configure Outlook with the same information.
  4. Export any special mail rules or filters that you have configured to manage your mail, as these will have to be manually imported, once the migration completes.
  5. If you are a current IMAP mail client user, export your locally stored contacts.
  6. Record any calendars that you had added to your work space.