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Office of Information Technology Newsletter

Award Winning Staff

The Office of Information Technology recognizes the exceptional efforts and accomplishments, both collaborative and individual, of our staff. We continued our tradition by celebrating the third annual internal OIT awards program in December to recognize individual contributions to our OIT team and the larger AU community. These awards also serve to promote standards of excellence for each of us moving forward. The following individuals were recognized at the Fall 2011 semi-annual OIT all-hands meeting.

  • Jackie Palumbo was honored with the Campus Partner award for consistently promoting partnerships to achieve successful collaborative outcomes. Her work with colleagues from around the university to develop customized training is frequently described as exceptional. Professionalism is her hallmark and customer service is her core value - demonstrated in each of her engagements.

  • Nahlah AlSiryani was honored with the Critical Thinker award for consistently demonstrating critical thinking characteristics on each project or activity she undertakes. She always has the larger picture in view. Nahlah tries diligently to understand her customer's needs; and then, researches and determines what OIT can do to meet them. She constantly checks the pulse of her customers to find out what they are working on and to gauge if they will consider an alternative approach.

  • Lushan Silva was honored with the Customer Service award for modeling the highest quality of customer service. His dedication is extraordinary, as he is willing to go the extra mile and does so with a smile. Lushan is a fount of technical knowledge and a constant resource for the Help Desk and other OIT colleagues to escalate issues to, regardless of the issue at hand, the time of day, or the day of the week.

  • Myle Luong was honored with the Dependability award for working tirelessly around the clock. All you have to do is mention an idea to her, and by later that day or the next, she will have a prototype ready for your review. Myle devotes herself fully to serving her customers. She is consistently dependable and her commitment is unparalleled.

  • Seydou Ly was honored with the Enlarger award, because from the moment that he started working for us, he contributed innovative ideas and shared past experiences. He is the consummate professional that adds value to every meeting or project that he partcipates in, and enlarges our discussions. Seydou is very humble when making recommendations, and often manages to bring others around to his way of thinking, when it comes to issues or problems. He models the best characteristics in an employee, as he is very customer focused, always take ownership of his tasks, and is fully accountable for his decisions and actions.

  • Kenneth Tse was honored with the Initiative award for always taking on new challenges and overcoming obstacles as they are presented. He is known for his can do attitude; and consistently demonstrates initiative to get the job done, regardless of whether it requires work late at night, early in the morning, or on weekends. In all aspects of the job, Kenneth analyzes, prepares, and plans ahead to carry out his responsiilities, regardless of how big or small.

  • Debra Gonski was honored with the Leadership by Example award for demonstrating a commitment to professionalism and to AU. He substantial energy and expertise have been invaluable to every project she works on. Debra is always there to help. She is reliable, responsible, and always committed to identifying the best possible solution. As she continue taking on more and more responsibility, she models the suite of characteristics of a true leader.

  • Francesco de Leo was honored with the Vision award for his creative genius. His colleagues may walk into a meeting with a pretty firm idea of what approach our organization will take to solve a problem; but then, Francesco steps in and synthesizes all of the various opinions and identifies an intelligent, new approach, on the spot. He is recognized as a forward thinker that keeps converations pointed toward our shared end goal.

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