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Office of Information Technology

Ellucian's UI Client

Your Gateway to Colleague and Benefactor Applications

Ellucian's User Interface (UI) provides you with Windows-like access to the Colleague and Benefactor databases.

Features of UI include:

  • A Windows Explorer-style tree structure for process menus 
  • A "Favorites" feature, enabling quick access to commonly used processes 
  • An address bar for easily launching specific processes 
  • A drop-down box next to every field that has validation codes 
  • A calendar button next to every date field to simplify data entry 
  • A calculator button next to every numeric field 
  • Tabbed multiple forms managed within the window 
  • A Detail button next to every field that allows detail to see more information

UI encrypts all transmissions between the Ellucian server and your PC for added security. This feature aligns with AU's heightened attention to information security.

The OIT training staff offers an hour-long class for all staff newly authorized to use Colleague or Benefactor. The training focuses on how to navigate within the UI interface, how to enter and modify data, and how to customize UI so that it works best for you.

You may register for training classes for UI and the various Ellucian modules through the Technical Training page.