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Office of Information Technology

Mozilla Firefox: AU's Recommended Web Browser

Benefits of Using Firefox

On the surface, Firefox looks like any other Web browser. There is an address bar for typing the URL of the Website you would like to visit, as well as buttons to go backward and forward. There are additional buttons for HOME and REFRESH, a field or entering Web searches, automatic pop-up blocking, and a bookmark menu.

Additional Web pages can be opened in tabs instead of in other browser windows. Control-clicking on a link will open that link in another tab, so you can continue reading the original page without having to click back to it. This feature is extremely useful for research, because you can bookmark an entire set of tabs and open them all at the same time from your bookmarks at a later date.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit open-source development group dedicated to free and open Internet applications. OIT has been testing Firefox, since the early developmental releases. We found it to be fast, stable, secure, and compatible with almost every Website visited.

There are a very small number of Websites developed for Microsoft's Active-X that will only work with Internet Explorer. Firefox users can still launch Internet Explorer to access such sites.

Download and Installation Notes

Firefox is available for Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Linux.

You can download it for free from

The installation process is simple and straightforward. It will even offer to import your bookmarks (favorites) and preferences from Internet Explorer, Netscape, or previous Mozilla browsers.

Important Note

A small number of Websites, including AU's Web-based e-mail, require Microsoft Internet Explorer. Firefox will load your AU e-mail interface, but some features may not work properly. At the moment, the only browser supported by IBM/Lotus for faculty and staff e-mail access via the Web is Internet Explorer for Windows. If you use the Macintosh operating system, or do not wish to use Internet Explorer for Windows, we recommend using an IMAP client like Mac Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird for connecting to your AU e-mail.