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Subscribing to a List, Unsubscribing, or Setting List Options

Listserv subscriptions are based on your e-mail address. When you subscribe to a list, you will be asked to respond to a confirmation message sent to your e-mail address for verification. All correspondence with the list must come from the e-mail address you used to subscribe.


Subscribing to a List

Some lists are not open to the public, but most lists at AU can be subscribed to by sending the following message to

subscribe ListName Full Name (ListName should be the name of the list...not the full address. Full Name should be your first and last name.)

NOTE: Commands like subscription requests and subscription options must be sent to in plain text. If your e-mail client does not allow you to send messages in plain text, use the Web interface described below to subscribe and set subscription options. Once you have subscribed, you can send messages to lists in other formats, such as HTML. However, plain text is preferred and some list owners require it.


Unsubscribing from a List

You can leave a list by sending the following command to

signoff ListName


Posting Messages

You can post messages to the list by sending an e-mail to Many lists also support a Web-based interface for posting messages, viewing past messages, and managing the list options. Instructions for using the Web interface are posted at the end of this document.


Receiving a copy of individual messages or a single digest e-mail containing multiple messages

By default, you will receive a copy of each message posted to the list. If you select the list digest option, you will receive a single message at the end of the day that contains all posts for that day. To enable the digest after you have subscribed to a list, send the following command to

set ListName DIGest

If you switch to Digest mode and later decide you would like to go back to receiving individual copies of each message, send the following command:

set ListName INDEX


Suspending Messages for a Period of Time

It is advisable to temporarily suspend your listserv subscriptions, if you will be out of town and need to set an Out of Office notification that automatically responds to every e-mail you receive. Sending the following command to will stop message delivery, but will leave you subscribed to a list:

set ListName NOMail

Send the following command to resume message delivery for a list:

set ListName Mail

For additional options and information, please review the Listserv User Guide or send an e-mail to


Using the Listserv Web Interface

If you are connecting to the Web interface for the first time, you will be asked to login. If you have never logged into the listserv interface from any computer, click the link to GET A NEW LISTSERV PASSWORD. Listserv user names are all e-mail addresses. You must enter your e-mail address as it appears on outgoing Internet mail (,, or depending on how your account was configured to send outgoing messages). New passwords will need to be confirmed via e-mail. If you already know your password, simply enter it along with your e-mail address and click LOGIN. Once you login, the server will set a cookie on your browser that will login automatically for you. If you are using someone else's computer, you should use the button to LOGIN WITHOUT SETTING A COOKIE.