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Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

How do I perform the basic functions of Microsoft PowerPoint, such as Open, Save, and Print?

If you look at the top of the screen, you will find the main PowerPoint functions, such as: FILE, HOME, INSERT, DESIGN, TRANSITIONS, ANIMATIONS, SLIDE SHOW, and REVIEW. Under FILEyou will have options to save, save as, open, close, open recent, new, print, save and send, help, options and exit. INFO will give information about the versions, permissions and preparing and sharing. Back to List


Is there a way to create shortcuts to PowerPoint functions?

Yes. Right Click in any empty gray space and select CUSTOMIZE QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR. You can customize this toolbar to display the shortcuts that you most frequently use from the list provided. If you click on the small down arrow on the edge of the toolbar, a list of the most common shortcuts are displayed. You can choose shortcuts from this list also. Back to List


What is the Ribbon?

The Ribbon runs along the top of the application window. The Ribbon has several tabs and each tab has its own groups of commands. The HOME tab is where the most common PowerPoint formatting takes place, such as changing fonts, paragraph alignment, and line spacing. But if, for example, you wanted to insert a graphic or table into your document, you would click on the INSERT tab. Back to List


Are there any templates for PowerPoint presentations that I can use?

Yes. If you click on the DESIGN tab, you will see a THEMES command group. Within this command group, you will see a row of boxes, which are templates. When you scroll your mouse pointer over them, you will see a live preview of what they will look like on your current slide. All you need to do to apply a template is click on it. If you look to the right side of the row of templates, you will notice up and down arrows which let you scroll through more templates. There is also an option to browse and download even more templates online. Back to List


What are the different ways that I can view my slides?

Your slides can be viewed one of three ways. The Normal view is the main editing view where you write and design your presentation. The Slide Sorter view displays your slides in thumbnail form to allow you to move or reorder the slides. The Slide Show view takes up the full computer screen like an actual presentation. This is how your audience will view your presentation. When you click the Slide Show view button, your presentation starts at the active slide rather than from the beginning of the presentation. Press the F5 key to start your presentation from the beginning. Back to List


How do I run a Spelling and Grammar check on my presentation?

Click on the REVIEW tab. Then, click on the SPELLING button within the PROOFING command group. The Spelling dialogue box will be displayed when a misspelled word is encountered. You can manually correct the word, replace it from the list of suggested words, ignore it, or add the word to the custom dictionary. Back to List


How do I insert a graph into my presentation?

Click on INSERT then Click on CHART ICON it will open up a window with several options of different types of charts and graphs.This will also open up Excel which will allow you to edit and re-size the graph . By using SmartArt, you have the ability to graphically illustrate lists, processes, cycles, hierarchies, relationships, etc. Back to List


How do I start and navigate through my presentation?

You can start your slideshow from either by clicking on the FROM BEGINNING button on the SLIDE SHOW tab, You can also start the presentation by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. The best way to navigate from slide to slide is to click the mouse button. However, you can also move around within the Slide Show using the keyboard. Press the SPACEBAR, DOWN ARROW, or RIGHT ARROW key to move to the next slide. Press the PAGE UP or LEFT ARROW key to go back to the previous slide. You can also press the ESC key to end the presentation at any time. Back to List


Can I save my PowerPoint 2010 presentation as a Word file?

Yes. Click the FILE menu, select SAVE and SEND then choose CREATE HANDOUTS and click the CREATE HANDOUTS button on the right. On the dialogue box that opens, select any of the five page layouts and click OK. Back to List