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Online Learning | To Summer 2012 OL Student

Dear Online Student,

You enrolled in an online class for Summer 2012. An online course will be a different experience from what you know from the traditional face-to-face classroom. We want to make sure you understand what you need, how the course works, and what you can do to be successful. This is an optional exercise, but we strongly suggest you look over these materials to ensure that you know what to expect from this type of course.

By signing up for an online course (as of today), you are automatically enrolled in a student-training course for online learning. It is a Blackboard course under the title: Online Learning Student Orientation LIBWEB-CTRL-OLSO-999

This course contains a number of materials that we believe will help you succeed in your online course. We encourage you to explore this information.

The Library will also hold synchronous sessions to help you prepare for online courses in the form of webinars. The focus will be on using Blackboard and Collaborate. In these webinars, we will take any questions you have about Blackboard, a product which many of you have been using for some time. We will also show you all the features you will need for success in web-conferencing with Collaborate. Here is the link for more information about online workshops:

We will also continue to support Wimba, the older web-conferencing tool, through the summer. If your professor is using Wimba and you need assistance, you can contact the Blackboard/Collaborate Support team.

While not all professors will be using Collaborate for their office hours this summer, you can still use Collaborate to your advantage if you ask your professor to set up a session for group work. You will find that completing group projects is much more efficient through web-conferencing than through email.

Contact for more information on training opportunities, or call the Blackboard/Collaborate Support Team at 202-885-3904 24/7.

Best wishes for a successful class!