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Teaching Assistant

Faculty can be provided with a Teaching Assistant (TA) if the course has a minimum enrollment of 13 for new courses, or 10 for continuing courses. A teaching assistant may still be provided for courses with less than minimum enrollment as approved per the Dean’s request and justification. Once you have selected a teaching assistant, please contact your unit contact with the student’s name and AU ID.

School Contact Name
Email Extension
CAS Department's Administrative Staff
Please contact the appropriate CAS department
Contact department
SIS Brittany Stewart x6092
SOC Bryan Bourgault x2051
SPA Matthew Bourdon x6153

TA Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire a TA?

Once a faculty member has identified their teaching assistant, they should send an e-mail to the appropriate unit contact with the TA’s name and AU ID. TA’s will be hired during the pay period of the duration of the course, and could begin a week before or after the course if requested by the faculty.

Are there any forms to be filled out?

Once the faculty has submitted the TA information, you will be notified shortly after if any additional information is needed. If you have never worked that American University before, you will be required to complete the I-9 and tax forms. The I-9 form requires that original documents be presented, and must be completed within 3 days of the hire date. These can be filled out at the Office of Human Resources located on 3201 New Mexico Avenue, 3rd floor. This is a few blocks from main campus.

What is the pay rate for a TA?

The Teaching Assistant pay rate is $13/hour for new Online Learning TA’s and $14/hour for returning Online Learning TA’s.

Where do I fill out timesheets and how many hours can I work?

Once you are officially hired, you will need to log in to the portal through to access the HR/Payroll Connection, where there should be a link to your timesheet. TA’s can work up to 10 hours/week during the duration of the course. The faculty will need to approve each timesheet.

When will I get paid?

You will be paid every two weeks, with the first paycheck arriving two weeks after you complete your first timesheet. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for Direct Deposit. This can also be done through the portal under HR/Payroll Connection.

Can I work a week before or after the course?

The faculty will have to make a request for a TA to be able to work up to a week before or after the course dates. This can be made through

Course Development Grants

Two categories of course development grants will be provided by the office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration to develop for credit undergraduate and graduate courses for online asynchronous delivery during the Summer 2014.

Planning for Summer 2014

Dear Online Learning Faculty:

We are in the process of planning for Summer 2014. I am writing to inquire about your intentions to teach any of your prior year’s online courses next summer.

IF YOU ARE TEACHING IN SUMMER 2014, please do the following NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 20, 2013.

  1. Inform your dean/associate dean that you will be teaching your online course. In Summer 2014, the dates are set for May 12 - June 26 for Session I (E), and June 30 – August 14 for Session II (F). Specify your online course and the session you prefer to teach in.
  2. Please cc in your email to your dean/associate dean so we can start updating our Online Learning Program website.
  3. If you are changing your course description, please provide a revised one to your dean/associate dean and cc to This will ensure the course descriptions in the Registrar's Schedule of Classes and in the Online Learning Program website are accurate.

IF YOU ARE NOT TEACHING IN SUMMER 2014, please let us know via email and the reason why you will not teach your online course. This information will be helpful in our planning and faculty training.

Thank you and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about our Online Learning Program via email at


Violeta T. Ettle
Vice Provost for Academic Administration