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Informal Advisors to President Kerwin

The University Council serves as an informal advisory body to the university president. The Council meets with the president approximately six times each academic year and is composed of 13 persons (four faculty, four staff, four students, and one alumnus), plus three support staff. Five members (the heads of the Faculty Senate, Student Government, Graduate Leadership Council, and Student Bar Association, and the vice president of the AU Alumni Board) serve in an ex-officio capacity.

In its advisory role, the University Council discusses issues of importance to the AU community, such as the budget, strategic plan, campus master plan for facilities, capital campaign, enrollment, parking, etc. Each member is invited to bring issues to the president’s attention and is expected to update his or her constituencies on the Council’s discussions.

Membership on the Council is limited to the appointee. The term of service is typically two years in length, except for ex-officio members, whose term expires when service to the elected post concludes. The University Council was formed in 2002 as part of the university’s strategic plan.

The members for 2013-2014 are:


  • Neil Kerwin, President

  • Naomi Baron, executive director, Center for Teaching Research and Learning; professor, World Languages and Cultures
  • Don Blohowiak, director of professional studies, School of Professional and Extended Studies
  • Sarah Irvine Belson, associate professor and dean, School of Education, Teaching and Health
  • Candice Nelson*, chair, Faculty Senate; professor of government

  • Matteo Becchi*, chair, Staff Council; project manager, Enterprise Systems
  • Andrew Huff, director, Community Relations
  • Dan Nichols, executive director, University Safety Programs
  • (one staff member, to be named)

  • Jazmin Bess, coordinator, Freshman Service Experience
  • Christopher (Tiph) Harner*, president, Student Bar Association
  • Patrick Kelly*, president, Student Government
  • Forrest McGraw*, executive chair, Graduate Leadership Council
  • Andrea Agathoklis Murino*, vice president, AU Alumni Board

  • Beth Muha, executive director, Human Resources
  • David Taylor, chief of staff, President’s Office
  • Leslie Wong, director of special projects, President’s Office


*ex-officio member


A historical list of members is available here.