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President's Video | Transcript

2014 Video Message - Campus Plan and Philanthropy

Neil Kerwin: It's a good time to look back at the achievements of the past year. Our campus plan that governs the development of our physical facilities for the next 10 years is proceeding on schedule. Extensive renovations of the historic McKinley Building, to house our School of Communication, will ensure that American University continues to offer one of the most significant, innovative, and influential communications programs in the United States. Today I'm standing in the Media Innovation Lab, an element of the McKinley project renovation and a critical element in the education of our communication students going forward. We opened Cassell Hall, our newest residence facility, and renovated Nebraska Hall. We acquired and renovated a building on Connecticut Avenue to provide a new home to WAMU, our division of communications and marketing, and our division of development and alumni relations.

Diane Rehm: We'll go to your calls when we come back. Stay with us. 

Neil Kerwin: Work on the new Washington College of Law Tenley Campus is underway and will be completed in 2015. Thanks to a gift from alumna Carolyn Alper, we will continue to promote DC's artistic heritage through the Alper Initiative for Washington Art.  

Actor: I like the sound of that! 

Neil Kerwin: Thanks to a very generous lead gift from trustee Gary Cohn, the Don Myers Technology and Innovation Center will take shape on the new East Campus. Support for the building was provided by all the American University trustees and many members of the American University community.