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President's Video | Transcript

2014 Video Message - A Community of Service


Neil Kerwin: It's a good time to look back at the achievements of the past year. We're going to secure 100,000 hours of community service from members of the American University community. Service has always been a hallmark of the American University mission. Now, thanks to a generous gift from University Board of Trustees Chair Jeff Sine, 60 freshman students are enabled to conduct serious research associated with significant service projects.

Jeff Sine: The community-based research scholarship is really associated with the whole AU service experience. To me the most core part of AU is the instinct to make an impact in the world and to be of service and be part of something bigger than themselves. But sometimes, the place where we fall short is the funding of those aspirations, and so this is my attempt to do something to help fill that gap. 

Neil Kerwin: Student service, assisted by dedicated faculty and staff, now reaches every corner of the globe. Alternative spring breaks this year were conducted in places such as Haiti, Nicaragua, and Kenya.  

Jennifer Thelus: We're in Haiti today, and our alternative break is focusing on women empowerment and women as a way of development. 

Kelly Mertz: I think that the alternative break model provides a really great platform for people to conceptualize what they're seeing when they're on the ground in Haiti and in other communities.  

Sarah Palazzolo: It was for me the thing that definitely has shaped my view of the world.