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October 27, 2008

TO: Campus Community
FROM: Neil Kerwin, President
SUBJECT: Draft AU Strategic Plan -- Comments due November 3

Since my last update on October 8 regarding the status of the strategic plan, great progress has been achieved. Following guidance from the board and the community, I asked the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and President’s Council to focus on our highest-priority goals and make them simple, clear, and measurable. 

The resulting document presents a compelling vision statement—ten transformational goals that chart the path to a stronger university over the next decade and five enabling goals that must be addressed to achieve that transformation. Each goal includes sample metrics that might be used to measure our progress as the plan is implemented.

The President’s Council, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, and Board of Trustees have each weighed in on the improved plan. The early feedback is encouraging, and there is a shared sense that the document has come a long way since the last iteration.

Next, we need to hear from you. Over the next few days, please review the revised plan and share your thoughts about refinement of the vision and goals. You can attend the Town Hall meeting at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, October 28 in the University Club. (Be sure to RSVP at x2143.) You can also send an e-mail message or post a comment to the blog at the Strategic Planning web site.

Looking ahead, we will work toward a final version of the high-level plan, which the board will consider for approval in mid-November. At that same meeting, they will consider the Budget Committee’s proposed criteria for the next cycle, linked to the plan’s priorities. From late November through February, our attention will turn to a budget proposal that reflects priorities for the plan’s first two years, and the provost and vice presidents will develop action steps in their respective areas of responsibility.

I want to thank you for engagement in this process and encourage you to voice your views in this last stage of goal setting. I want to acknowledge the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, our senior administrators, and the board for their guidance and input. The collaboration has been gratifying and is sure to generate a final vision for our future that is both shaped and shared by a wide cross-section of the AU family.

October 27, 2008 12:33 PM