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President's Video | Transcript

Fall 2012 President's Message (November 19, 2012)

President Neil Kerwin: I’m Neil Kerwin, president of American University. I’m pleased to share with you the highlights of another exciting fall semester.

(Footage of campus and students)

Kerwin (President’s Circle Dinner speech): American University is now a top 50 private national university.

(Graphic: Ranked #77 among all US colleges/universities, by US News and World Report)

Kerwin: This fall, from 17,000 applicants, we’re enrolling the largest class in our history, of 1,600.

(Footage of students)

(Graphic: 1,600 freshmen; 3.72 avg. gpa; 1257 avg. SAT; 30% multicultural; 9,127 hours of service)

Kerwin: From the rising academic standing of American University and its students, supplemented by an accomplished freshman class, to the work of our renowned faculty, staff, and deans, there is an unprecedented sense of momentum on the campus.

(Footage of main campus, law school, faculty, and students)

Emily Yu, Student Government president, opening convocation speaker: What happens during your time here is all up to you, and it starts right here and right now.

(Footage of opening convocation)

Prof. Richard Sha, opening convocation speaker: Now that you’re here at American University, be an educational opportunist. Let wonder open doors to knowledge. Remember that an open door is just an empty space unless you pick yourself up and walk through it.

(Footage of opening convocation)

Kerwin: We need to remember that the core work of any great university is the creation and transmission of knowledge. Nearly 50% of the full-time faculty who are with us today were not with us five years ago. They’re doing important work pushing the boundaries of their fields and bringing our students along with them.

(Footage of Deans Barbara Romzek, Jeffrey Rutenbeck, Carola Weil, and Librarian Nancy Davenport; Prof. David Rosenbloom teaching)

Prof. Leonard Steinhorn, addressing class: If you’re saying that the world is more unstable, is that something that the Republicans can wrap around Barack Obama’s neck?

Student: What Mitt Romney is just saying is rhetoric.

(Footage of Prof. Gail Mardirosian and dance students)

(Footage of students at internships throughout Washington, DC, and SIS election night party)

Kerwin: We strive to provide opportunities for our students to be active citizens and learn from world leaders.

Aung San Suu Kyi: If we want peace in the world, we must give everybody the chance to find peace within themselves.

(Footage of Aung San Suu Kyi event; monks leading attendees in prayer)

Tom Minar, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations: There is an incredible physical transformation taking place all over campus. As of June 25th, the restoration and expansion of the McKinley Building, was officially underway. The building has been stripped of everything.

(Footage of McKinley Building construction)

Jeffrey Rutenbeck, dean, School of Communication: SOC is now poised to take an even more prominent role in guiding the fields of communication into the future, certainly at a time when those fields are changing more rapidly and more profoundly than ever before in human history.

(Footage of McKinley Building groundbreaking)

Kerwin: During the fall term we continued our work with developing partnerships with prominent international, national, and local institutions and organizations.

(Footage of AU Night at Washington Nationals game and Kerwin throwing out first pitch; President’s Circle Dinner and Kerwin presenting awards to Hani Farsi and Susan Lehrman)

Kerwin, President’s Circle Dinner: People who comprise this university—faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends—have been, are now, and will always be the source of its strength and the keys to its future.

(Footage of gospel choir, student groups, and campus)

Kerwin: I’d like to thank you for making this another memorable semester at American University. As always, I welcome your feedback, and I look forward to seeing you on campus again soon.